Ash Brown Design

Ash brown is an incredibly versatile hue. It pairs beautifully with warm and cool tones and platinum highlights or full-on balayage effects. Make your ash brown locks shine with metallic shimmer thanks to golden blonde highlights – this look works exceptionally well on anyone with medium to dark skin tones.

Mocha Ash

Mocha Ash is a rich chocolate brown shade on the more excellent end, making it a suitable option for skin tones with cool undertones. It looks particularly significant against eyes of any hue – blue, grey, or light green are particularly well suited. If you don’t want to change your natural brunette color, ask your hair colorist about soft ash brown balayage as an easy, low-maintenance highlight technique. Your stylist can paint face-framing pieces of light brown ash and silver over your dark base color to add dimension and soft edges for face-framing details that frame.

Pewter Ash

As its name implies, pewter draws inspiration from its metallic namesake; however, its hue tends to be more relaxed with an alluring silvery gleam that complements light and medium skin tones beautifully. This mid-tone grey goes perfectly with blues and greens – two opposite corners of the color wheel that create a harmonious palette that feels balanced and serene. If you want a similar ash-brown look as Gigi Hadid but with sun-kissed honey highlights, ask your stylist for a blend that strikes a balance. A classic balayage technique featuring ribbons of ashy bronde with cool tones creates plenty of dimension for an effortless yet polished style that can easily be maintained through regular visits to the salon.

Smokey Ash

Ash brown hair enhanced by a touch of silver ash is the ultimate chic look, creating a stunningly fashionable appearance. Adding a hint of silver ash at the tips instead of lightning can achieve depth without feeling overdone and camouflaging any graying for an unfaded and natural appearance. Long braids in a sophisticated smokey ash hue look classic and chic, making this an elegant hairstyle for black women that never goes out of fashion. Kim Kardashian recommends finding the right balance with this look if you want to experiment with ash brown but can’t give up the warm honey highlights that warm up your complexion. Keep some blonde streaks around the perimeter of your face to add a subtle frame, then incorporate more ash tones throughout for an eye-catching and versatile style that requires no bleaching! Plus, it requires little to no maintenance!

Silver Ash

At first glance, Ash may seem like fire soot, but its name comes from the acorns on ash trees. This shade offers a more muted tone that reads brown and silver depending on lighting conditions, making it an excellent way to lighten up without going all platinum! Before achieving this color, bleaching must be completed first – which could require multiple coloring sessions if you start with dark brown or black locks. Be sure to use a color-preserving product when bleaching for optimal results! To acquire Silver Ash, players must engage in Bonfire Bash often enough and convert piles of Silver Leaves into the desired material. While this takes some time and patience, gaining enough Silver Ash can allow players to fully upgrade their Solstice armor this year.

Dark Ash

This shade in the ash brown family is slightly more relaxed, recalling winter-toned ash wood. This rich and dark shade resembles wintery wood tones while still possessing the cooling undertones typical of an ash shade. Integrating a complementary color into your ash brown design creates an eye-catching design. For instance, add some platinum blonde highlights for an updated, youthful appearance if you have dark chocolate brown roots. This ash brown to platinum ombre is an ideal way to keep gray coverage intact while simultaneously refreshing their brunette locks. Combining light brown and silvery ash hues will create that gorgeous sun-kissed beach babe look with minimal upkeep requirements.