Arthur Shelby Haircut

Arthur Shelby, often the more aggressive of the Shelby brothers, prefers wearing his hair in a short, disconnected undercut with a longer texture on top that can be slicked back.

The Classic

Arthur Shelby was one of the more volatile and violent of his siblings and often wore his hair in a sharply cut, slicked-back undercut style. This hairstyle works particularly well for men with strong jawlines or longer faces, as it provides high contrast with its high contrast and sleek finish.

The Side-parted

John Shelby is the youngest of the Shelby brothers and the most volatile. His appearance differs significantly from Tom and Arthur by sporting a more conservative haircut – choosing a disconnect undercut with short sides and a longer top that is slicked back for an elegant, polished style that complements different personal tastes.

The Textured

The Arthur Shelby haircut is an updated take on a classic cropped style, adding texture and volume. More casual and messy than its counterpart, the Arthur Shelby haircut requires regular trimming or shaving to maintain its desired appearance and length – be sure to stay on top of this maintenance to maximize its potential!

The Long-haired

Arthur Shelby is the youngest brother in the Shelby clan. He wears his hair longer than Tom and Luca, wearing it long with a side fringe to soften the angles in his features and balance out their features. It makes an ideal look for square face shapes as it softens corners while simultaneously emphasizing them.

To achieve the Peaky Blinders haircut, request from your barber a disconnected undercut with grade one sides shaved and enough length on top so it can be slick back. Apply a small amount of lightweight pomade such as Jaxson Maximus Mud Light to dry hair and massage into the scalp with your fingers until the style is complete.

Round or oval faces tend to excel at pulling off this look, though it works just as well with jawlines that have angles or are more chiseled. To maintain this style, trim or shave regularly so as to avoid creating an unruly finish.