Arrow Haircuts Expands

An impressive haircut can help showcase your style. It should complement your facial structure and head size for optimal results and help maintain an uncluttered appearance.

Retro Charm in Atherton

Arrow Barbershop in Atherton of South End recently unveiled retro charm. Offering haircuts, buzz cuts, shampoos, and hot shaves. Each haircut also comes complete with its beer! They are a trendy haircut.

Attractive and Symmetrical Style

Arrow haircuts are a fantastic option for men looking for an attractive yet symmetrical style. Plus, they’re easy to maintain – ideal for busy guys! Arrow cuts have become increasingly popular among celebrities as this versatile style can be worn in multiple ways.

Arrow, located in Cameron Village’s Woodburn Avenue space formerly occupied by Professional Barber Shop, provides stylish and unique haircutting experiences at competitive prices for both men and women alike. Free beer from Fullsteam Brewery awaits patrons while they wait, plus there is an impressive array of local products like Lumina apparel, jewelry from Zass Designs, and White Whale cocktail mixers to browse during your wait time.

Arrow haircuts are stylish yet easy to maintain, perfect for men who favor neat and symmetrical looks. Additionally, this cut works well for people with receding hairlines as the arrow shape can easily be achieved using a razor or clippers. Plus, its versatility means this haircut can fit a variety of events!

Arrow Haircuts has announced its expansion. Arrow’s founder, Pete Phipps, signed a lease to open a 900-square-foot space at the Heilig-Levine building near downtown Raleigh. This location will feature full-service barbering and a beer bar serving local beers and snacks. The shop combines traditional and modern elements in its decor, offering a unique and updated vintage aesthetic.

Quality Cuts at Competitive Prices

Arrow Haircuts is a men’s and women’s haircutting salon offering quality cuts at fair prices. Situated on Woodburn Avenue in Cameron Village, it was opened by Pete Phipps as an alternative to costly chain salons, providing excellent service, beer, and snacks at reasonable prices, all within an intimate yet welcoming atmosphere. Additional unique touches like Zass Designs apparel, Lumina jewelry, and White Whale cocktail mixers make visiting Arrow an experience worth trying.

Arrow University Education Events

Arrow University education events provide another exciting benefit to Arrow. Recently, they offered classes on filling out brackets for March Madness pools – this event provided the perfect way to meet new people while learning something simultaneously!