Top 5 Military Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style:

High and Tight:

The high and tight is a classic military haircut that features short sides and back sections with longer top sections. It can be worn with or without fades and is particularly suitable for black hair. For a more refined look, a high and tight comb over can be achieved by creating a deep side part and using styling products. Adding a sharp bald fade can add dimension to the style.

Buzz Cut:

The buzz cut is one of the closest military haircuts you can get without scissors, typically around grade 2 or 3. It became fashionable after being adopted for hygiene and lice prevention purposes. Pairing it with facial stubble creates a casual aesthetic. For added texture, a longer version called the butch cut (grade 4-5) allows for styling products to be used.

Two Level Haircuts:

Integrating two levels into your army-inspired haircut creates a dapper look suitable for any hair type. The comb over fade is a popular choice, featuring a skin fade on both sides and longer locks parted on one side for a polished finish on top. This style complements beards and enhances jaw structure. Medium-length ponytails are also permitted, providing simplicity and sophistication.


The quiff is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn by men of all ages, offering a mix of classic charm and rebellious style. It can be styled sleek or messy, but its essence remains the same – high and textured hair combed upward and backward. To achieve a quiff, washing and using volumizing products like pomade or sea salt spray is recommended.

360 Waves:

360 waves are a trendy style among black men, creating a distinct pattern around the head. They can be paired with an all-over fade or a part at the top. This style is also popular among rappers. Regular brushing and wearing a du rag or wave cap at night helps achieve and maintain 360 waves. Skipping shampoo and using conditioner instead can speed up the process, along with brushing evenly without combing.