15+ Ariana grande hair styles that inspires you

Ariana Grande has long, dark hair that she wears to one side. She wore it like this while attending the KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2012 and the 2013 American Music Awards in Los Angeles. She also wears her Hair with an ombre color, with honey-blonde locks at the bottom.


Ariana Grande is one of the biggest stars in the music industry right now. It’s no surprise that the singer has made a number of hairstyle changes. Most recently, she switched her Hair color from icy blue to lavender. The new ‘do was the perfect compliment to the singer’s new music video, “God Is A Woman.” The video features a naked Ari frolicking in a pool of pastel colors. She paired her ‘d with chic thigh-high boots and a white oversized jacket. She also accessorized with a dazzling choker necklace and Louis Vuitton purse.

Ariana Grande has been experimenting with new hair colors and styles this summer. Her pastel-colored Hairstyle has inspired new hair trends for the season. Her new hair color is a gorgeous shade of lavender. It’s a great way to bring back the pastel trend for summer. While the singer’s new Hair color might not be a new style, it is a refreshing change.

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest names in music right now and has never been shy about her hair. Recently, she wore a lavender-colored ponytail. She paired the new Hairstyle with matching lavender fingerless gloves and a glittery cheekbone to complete the look. The hairstyle also featured a braided ponytail and crimped ponytail at the crown.

Honey blonde

The honey blonde hair is definitely a style change from the berry red that the pop star wore for four years. Previously, she dyed her hair red every few weeks while playing the role of Cat on Nickelodeon. It was a messy style that often broke and tangled, and she eventually wore it in a ponytail.

Honey blonde Hair is a great choice for women with warmer skin tones. It’s a beautiful combination of highlights and lowlights, and is also a great option for a natural-looking look. Gigi Hadid’s hair is also a great example of this style, as it combines chestnut brown and golden blonde. If you’re interested in achieving this look, you can use a hair color shampoo and conditioner designed for honey blonde highlights.

Ariana Grande wore her honey blonde hair half up in a ponytail in an early July photo. Earlier that month, she announced her role in the Wicked movie alongside Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba. In the picture, Ariana Grande wore her honey blonde locks down in a high ponytail, and half of it up in a bun.

The singer’s hairstyle is another sign of her versatility. She often wears her hair in a high ponytail and rarely leaves it down. Ariana has also experimented with her hair color by wearing a voluminous, platinum-blonde style at the 2020 Grammy Awards. In the past, she has worn brunette hair and long blond extensions created by Josh Liu.

Poker straight

Ariana Grande has been rocking her signature look for a lot longer than we thought. She recently shared a picture of herself as a child, and she was sporting a high ponytail and poker straight hair. Fans were impressed, and praised her for keeping her look consistent throughout her career.

As far as hairstyles go, this ’90s pop star has a number of looks that she loves. Aside from the poker straight style, she usually wears her hair in a natural look with a bit of texture. She also wore her hair in a loose top knot, but she left the ends in a poker straight style.

Poker straight platinum

Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has debuted a dramatic new hairstyle. After nine years with the group, the singer hasn’t been shy about switching up her look. While she often sports wavy brown locks, she’s opted for poker straight platinum locks in recent times. The caption on her Instagram post has fans guessing that the singer is working on solo material.

The singer’s hair has had many dramatic changes in the past decade. From a pillar-box red to bleached blonde extensions, the pop star has experimented with many different hairstyles. Her signature high ponytail, ombre fringes, platinum and lavender hairstyles have all made an appearance.

Voluptuous high pony (her signature look)

Ariana Grande has made her signature style her own, and it’s one that she’s proud to sport. This look dates back to 2014, when she first started wearing her hair high in a ponytail. She says that wearing her hair high helped her cope with her bleach-damaged hair and was the only style that would stay in place. It’s also one of her signature looks, and you’ll rarely catch her without it.

Ariana Grande’s signature style has a few different variations. She has worn her hair down in a low ponytail for her “March For Our Lives” concert, while she’s worn it up high for a Wango Tango performance. Whether she’s wearing her hair up or down, she’s able to flip it to achieve the look she wants.

Although the Voluptuous high pony is Ariana Grande’s signature look, the singer has changed it up a lot in recent years. The singer is now more comfortable with her natural hair and wears her hair in a ponytail more frequently. She has also recovered from bleaching her hair for so long, and has sported her natural color in performances, such as on The Voice. The singer has been known to tweet about wearing her hair up in a high pony, but her pony is getting lower by the day.

Ariana Grande’s ponytail has become a signature look for the singer. It was first introduced to the public when she posted an old school photo of hers on Instagram. Since then, the hairstyle has become a part of her look, becoming more important than any other accessory.

Poker straight honey blonde

In recent years, Ariana Grande has turned her focus back to herself and her music. She recently had her first Billboard Hot 100 number one single with “Thank U, Next” and broke Spotify’s record for fastest song to reach a hundred million plays. Now, the singer is showing off a new look with a caramel lob. The look is more sophisticated, and it goes with her glowing complexion.

Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyle is the high ponytail. Her hairstyle is nearly synonymous with her four-octave voice. Recently, Ariana Grande shared a rare look at her hairstyle as she wraps up her Sweetener world tour. The new look is more wavy and short, and it’s a little more playful than the usual poker straight blonde look.

Ariana Grande has changed her hairstyle a couple of times. In 2008, she wore shoulder-length dark curls. Then, in 2009, she wore a straight red hairstyle with a low ponytail. In November 2015, she rocked a ponytail with her honey blonde locks on the bottom.

How to Style Ariana Grande Hair

Ariana Grande has a beautiful and unique style, and her hair is no exception. To get the look, you should backcomb at the roots and push your hair forward. Next, pin it back to create symmetrical pinned-back sections. Repeat these steps to create a look similar to the singer’s.

ariana grande’s hair

Ariana Grande’s hair is one of her most iconic style details. The multi-award-winning singer and songwriter is well known for her iconic ponytail, and her hairstyles are always on-trend. In 2015, she attended the American Music Awards wearing a loose, messy bun that managed to strike a balance between chic and fun. This year, she wore a more polished high ponytail with delicate braids at the front and sides.

The singer first debuted this glamorous new hairstyle on Instagram, sharing a selfie in which she wore her chestnut brown hair half pulled back. She wore the shorter strands framing her face, while the longer locks were curled outwards. The look is reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy, and the singer has been showing off her Jackie Kennedy-inspired styles all over her Instagram account.

The stylist who did Ariana Grande’s hair is Josh Liu. He began his career in celebrity public relations, but later retrained to become a hairdresser. He later worked with Ariana during her Dangerous Woman tour, and he continues to do her hair today.

Since the lockdown, Ariana Grande has been giving her scalp a break by letting her hair down more. She has also been showing off her natural curls in recent tours. In 2014, she opened up about her hair struggles on Facebook, and we can see that she is taking steps to make it healthier.

Ariana Grande’s hair is often in a high ponytail. While she does occasionally show off her natural hair, it is a rare appearance. In fact, her natural red hair is often hidden behind a low ponytail.

Josh Liu

Ariana Grande’s hair has been a source of fascination for fans. Most of us are used to seeing her with a straight, platinum blonde tresses. However, there are some instances in which Ariana Grande has worn her natural curls instead of straight locks. In a recent Vogue cover story, the singer showed a photo of herself with ringlets. Although her natural curls are not visible on her face, they are visible when she wears her hair in a ponytail. Josh Liu has been credited with creating the look, and he has shared a photo of the ‘do on his Instagram.

Josh Liu is Ariana Grande’s main hair stylist. Other celebrity clients include Olivia Munn and Miranda Kerr. He has also worked on film, advertising, and editorial spreads. His sleek, modern style often includes an updo. As a hairstylist, Josh Liu is well-versed in the latest trends and techniques in Hollywood hair. In addition to his work on the singer, Liu has also been a hair stylist for many other famous celebrities.

Josh Liu, who began his career as a celebrity public relations director, later retrained as a hair stylist and has worked with Ariana Grande for the past two years. He accompanied the singer on her Dangerous Woman tour, and continued to work with her through her Sweetener and Thank U, Next albums. Josh has been behind the hairstyles on several of Ariana’s videos, and knows what it takes to keep the style in place.

Josh Liu has a new brand called Utiles Beauty. He aims to be inclusive and elevate essentials for everyday use. For his hairstyles, he uses products from Utiles Beauty.

Mimi Cuttrell

Mimi Cuttrell is an LA-based stylist who has styled a number of celebrities, including Ariana Grande. Cuttrell has worked with the Hadid sisters and Priyanka Chopra. She has also styled looks for magazine shoots. She has a degree in fashion merchandising and is married to photographer Michael Simon.

The stylist has collaborated with Ariana Grande on a number of occasions, creating a number of trends. One of the most notable examples of this collaboration is the outfit Ariana Grande wore to a recent appearance on NBC’s The Voice. The singer wore a strapless, yellow dress by Maison Valentino, and a Mimi Cuttrell-styled ponytail and diamond choker.

Grande is known for her signature high ponytail, which she has worn since her early career. Grande recently responded to a troll who was complaining on Instagram about her ponytail. In a recent photo of Grande in New York City, the pop singer wore her hair in a style that was reminiscent of the ’90s.

Ariana Grande’s ponytail has become one of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles. It ranks up there with Amy Winehouse’s ‘Beehive’ and Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’ ponytail. This time, the singer showed off her ponytail with an over-the-top bow. Keeping the makeup and outfit neutral, the singer complemented her ponytail with an OTT bow.

Ash Kohlm

Ash Kohlm is the newest celebrity stylist to work with Ariana Grande. The Grammy winner’s signature half-up, half-down hairstyle is a dazzling example of the glitz and glam she likes to sport. Her hair is worn loosely down her back and kept out of the way, making her face the focus of attention.

Ash K Holm is a makeup artist and hair stylist in Los Angeles. She has worked on some of the world’s most famous stars including Ariana Grande and the Kardashians. She has also collaborated with Megan Fox and Shay Mitchell. Her work has appeared on several red carpets and television shows.

Her make-up artist

Ariana Grande is known for her flawless skin and sultry cat-eye flick. But what does Ariana Grande’s make-up artist do to create such a flawless look? According to her personal make-up artist Daniel Chinchilla, skincare is the key to a flawless make-up look. Dehydrated skin equals flaky makeup, so moisturizer is essential.

Ariana Grande is no stranger to bold looks, but Ash K Holm kept her look minimal and natural-looking. The artist concentrated on her eyes, which sported a natural brown smoky eye and a winged cat eye. She also wore lashes and matte mauve-nude lipstick. Ash K Holm finished the look with subtle contouring.

Ariana Grande’s cat-eye look has become her trademark. It’s hard to imagine her without it. Her make-up artist coats her eyelids with eyeshadow and wipes off the excess. This technique is one of the most difficult makeup techniques, as it requires the perfect symmetry.

Ash K Holm has worked on several major celebrities and is one of the best in the business. Her past clients include the Kardashians, Megan Fox, and Bebe Rexha. She has also painted the faces of Hollywood royalty. The talented make-up artist has earned a high profile in the last few years.