Anuel AA’s New Haircut

Reggaeton star Anuel AA recently took to social media to showcase his newly cut locks. The Puerto Rican trap artist usually sports long locks with taper fade, but decided to switch up his look with this clip by sporting a buzz cut; priceless fan reactions ensued!

An Edgar cut is an effective way to maintain your style while reducing maintenance. This style is popular among Gen-Z Latinos looking to express their Mexican roots. It features a textured cut on top with a distinct line defining forehead and temple areas, making it suitable for those with thin hair, as it helps disguise receding hairlines. The Edgar is typically associated with fade haircuts but can be worn with other styles. For an eye-catching effect, try pairing your Edgar with bold colors such as duotone hues. A gray Edgar combined with a black or blue fade can even produce an ombre effect.

Anuel AA has become one of the most well-known artists in Latin America. The Puerto Rican artist shares pages full of lavishness on social networks with luxury cars, jewelry, and expensive shoes as part of his showmanship.

Bad Bunny also loves spending time with his young son. However, the artist rarely shows off his hair, preferring instead a cap or bucket hat. Beginning early 2018, Bad Bunny shocked fans with his new buzz cut. He posted a clip showing himself diving into a steak while sporting this short style, and many viewers shared their reactions and offered priceless advice regarding it.

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