Frozen Hairstyles For Little Princesses

In this article, we will explore various Frozen hairstyles that are perfect for young princesses who love dressing up and playing pretend.

Transforming into an Admirable Adult

Young Anna transforms into an admirable and mature adult as the story progresses. Her look also changes, with two French braids framing her face and an elegant ribbon completing the style. This sleek hairstyle is perfect for special events or formal gatherings.

Getting the Look

To achieve this hairstyle, medium-length or longer hair is necessary. If your hair is shorter, consider adding extensions for the required length. Additionally, using hair spray can help secure the shape of the hairstyle.

Frozen hair Color

While both have beautiful blue hair, Elsa’s style differs due to her ice powers, while Anna inherits her hair color from her parents. She belongs to the Warm/True Autumn or Warm/True Spring color groups, symbolizing friendliness and trustworthiness. On the other hand, Elsa’s hair represents her icy personality and mysterious side, with cool/true Winter or bright/clear Winter hues.

Frozen hair Accessories

The gift includes a bow and brush set for styling her hair, a metallic scrunchie with a Frozen printed bag for carrying, a hair bow, and additional metallic scrunchies. She can proudly show off her new Frozen accessories at school, playdates, or slumber parties!


The book provides step-by-step instructions for creating various braids, including traditional French, Dutch, and rope braids. This is the ultimate guide for recreating Anna and Elsa’s beautiful hairstyles!

Get the Frozen Look

Whether it’s Halloween or just for fun, this tutorial will help your child look just like their favorite Frozen characters.