Anime Hairstyles For Girls

Hair in anime characters is often an indicator of their personality, from styles that fit everyday wear to those that defy gravity, like Revy from Black Lagoon’s iconic spiky locks.

Blonde anime characters often display traits like arrogance or jealousy; platinum blondes such as Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter stand out as skilled fighters with short styles that fall below ear height for an appealing youthful aesthetic.

Asymmetric Fringe

An asymmetric fringe is one of the classic anime hairstyles for girls, offering femininity and youthfulness while adding some edge. Anime characters who wear this hairstyle tend to portray themselves as bold and intimidating individuals; Spike Spiegel from Dragonball features one such hairstyle, which makes him appear menacing and bold. Asuka Soryu Langley from Evangelion also dons this style. She is an outspoken individual who doesn’t shy away from challenging others; the blunt bangs and asymmetrical lengths serve to highlight her distinctive character.


Pigtails or pig curls, an increasingly popular anime hairstyle, are very feminine and representative of youth. The hairs often sport light dusty pink or white hues and usually rest between the middle-parts. Although best suited for short styles, gently curling strands into place can achieve this on more extended types. Another variation of pigtails, twin tails, is an effective way of showing off childish personalities or adding fantasy or fairy-like elements to any character’s appearance. They’re particularly effective for depicting magical or elfin characters. Male counterparts to this style include the spiky hairdo seen frequently on protagonists from action and adventure anime and manga series. This hairstyle requires plenty of gel, making it not ideal for men with natural, straight locks.

Bob Haircut

A bob hairstyle is an ideal anime hairstyle for someone with naturally short locks, adding an eye-catching feminine flair that makes their appearance pop! Longer hair can also benefit from curling it to add volume, or using texturizing spray for an anime-esque finish. Long locks can depict innocence and lightheartedness in anime and more serious topics like depression or despair – a trend seen particularly frequently with fighting and tournament-oriented shonen anime series.

Pointy bangs highlight faces beautifully while also acting as a way of emphasizing critical aspects of each character’s persona. Super Glossy Locks

The short hair in anime conveys confidence and authority, suggesting that Kakashi and Mikoto Urabe have strong leadership capabilities. Furthermore, short locks communicate their wearer’s serious side while attesting to their serious character and status as leaders. Helicopter hair is another anime style that is both captivating and mysterious, creating the ideal blend of sensuality and innocence – making this an extremely adaptable anime hairstyle for girls. Helicopter hair can be easily achieved by applying hair gel to the bangs and sides and then combing back. It’s quick, simple, and works on any length of hair – you can even add feminine touches with bows or cute bands for added femininity! Plus, add character by creating a beehive or bun!

Cute hair Bands

Anime hair bands are an adorable way to add flair to any anime character. While this trend may have gained prominence during the emo movement, anime hair bands have long been part of this style. Sharp lines and asymmetries play an integral role in its definition. No matter their length or style, anime character hairstyles aim to express character. Kakashi’s messy locks reveal his careless approach to life, while Obito’s spiked locks reflect his Sharingan strength. Other spiky anime hairstyles include slicked-back locks, which are seen frequently among characters such as Mari Kurihara from Prison School and Milly Ashford from Code Geass. Side-swept bobs are also common among anime character women, such as Aisha Codante from Rose of Versailles and Aeka Jurai Masaki from Shin Tenchi Muyou!