Anime Guys With Long Hair

Anime men with long hair can be incredibly charming, making many girls fall for them. Furthermore, their powerful appearance exudes status.

Hashirama Senju from Naruto

Hashirama Senju from Naruto has an abundance of black hair that falls to his waist, making him one of the most potent samurais in the series.

Edward Elric

Edward Elric is the main protagonist in Fullmetal Alchemist, an anime that chronicles an international group of alchemists’ efforts to restore their bodies through alchemical means. His gold hair and eyes make him stand out amongst characters with standard colors. He and Alphonse lost their bodies while trying to revive their mother with alchemy, so since then, they’ve been searching for the philosopher’s stone to restore themselves to their original condition. Ed has an inextricable bond with his brothers, yet they care for one another as though they are their parents. Additionally, Ed is drawn into Izumi Curtis’ training and advice as an unexpected surrogate mother figure.

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is one of the most beloved anime guys with long hair. Often wearing either a ponytail or man bun, his expressive eyes perfectly match his wild and unruly locks, often styled into an intricate man bun. This anime character is a hardworking man with strong beliefs and hopes, who also happens to be a fearless fighter – making him a fan favorite among anime enthusiasts. Additionally, his beautiful brown hair and light eyes set him apart.


Byakuya is one of the great noble families and an officer in Gotei 13. As someone who firmly upholds law and order, he adheres to all family rules and those set out by society despite any personal discomfort it might cause him. Renji has no tolerance for those who break the law, as evidenced by when he attacks Ganju Shiba for disgracing him. When Wandenreich invaded Soul Society, Renji came to its aid by fighting Sternritter F, As Nodt.


Dororo stands out in an otherwise shallow genre filled with recycled plotlines, emotional character studies, and reincarnated characters; instead, it offers a story that explores themes like land ownership, prosperity, sacrifice, and war. Hyakkimaru is an extraordinary character. Born without skin or limbs, he battles evil to regain his body, possessing unrelenting determination that leads him down dark paths, yet simultaneously showing an unexpected degree of mercy towards Dororo, his friend and partner in his fight. Dororo has also been brought to life through the video game adaptation Blood Will Tell. This title was released by Sega in 2004.


Ukyo is an elegant anime guy with long locks. His bangs fall towards his cheeks, and a white headband holds his long braid on the right side. Unfortunately, however, his expression conveys sorrow due to Heroine’s death. Tsukasa’s upper class has come to respect him and pay close attention. He is a crafty individual who knows precisely how to get what he wants. He is an unsympathetic loner with strong self-defense capabilities who can do what needs to be done quickly.


Tomoe is one of those anime guys with long, luxurious locks who looks enviable. Wearing his pinkish-white locks up in a topknot, Tomoe is motivated by solving others’ issues and is always eager to offer assistance. Nanami Momozono’s familiar is a fox yokai who acts as her protector, cooking, cleaning, and doing all her laundry. Tomoe once fell for Yukiji, but after she was murdered, he lost all her memory. Now, Tomoe pursues Nanami because she reminds him of Yukiji from years prior.


An anime guy can stand out with an elegant long ponytail with framing strands to the face, enhanced by beaded or braided strings to add more distinction to this hairstyle. Gajeel is one of those individuals with a dubious persona and mysterious appearance. Featuring dark eyes that immediately catch your attention, he often collects organs from dead people to scare others with his shocking acts. Though known for his dark appearance, he does possess a warm side, which allows him to play games with his friends. Furthermore, he has an adorable younger brother.