Anime Characters With Black Hair

Anime is well known for featuring characters with black hair, which symbolizes strength and beauty, particularly for girls. Here are some notable anime characters with black hair:


Yukino is an anime classic with long black locks, exuding coolness and capturing the unattainable school idol look. Hachiman Hikigaya believes she possesses a unique sense of chivalry. Yukino is competitive and constantly strives to prove herself, even imitating her sister’s style to demonstrate her talent. She finds inspiration in Pan-san and frequently visits places associated with him.


Byakuya is a member of the Shinigami royalty and has stunning pitch-black hair. As the 28th Head of the Kuchiki Clan and a Captain-class Soul Reaper, he excels in flash steps, Kido techniques, and melee combat. Byakuya favors grace and finesse over brute force, showing his stubborn pride and loyalty to order and tradition within Shinigami society. He wears an expensive white scarf passed down from previous Kuchiki clan leaders. While appearing calm and reserved, he has a fiery temper, as noted by Ginrei Kuchiki.


Mikasa is a popular character trained as a Youkai slayer. She possesses advanced fighting techniques that allow her to hold off any opponent. Mikasa is fiercely loyal and just, especially towards her loved ones. Her traumatic past shapes her pessimistic outlook on life, but she remains determined to protect those close to her, especially Eren. However, her emotions sometimes override her logic, leading to unfortunate consequences.


Chitanda is an outgoing girl who finds great joy in solving mysteries. As the President of the Classic Literature Club, she often involves her classmates in her investigations. She has long black hair and exudes a strong personality. Additionally, she is an outstanding mage and Kono Suba’s Survey Corps leader.