Anime Boy Characters With Purple Hair

Anime characters often have unique hair colors to make them easily recognizable to fans. Purple hair, in particular, adds a vibrant and memorable touch to an anime boy’s appearance. In this article, we will introduce ten anime boys with purple hair who have captured the hearts of fans.

Lucifer – The Purple Haired Guy

Lucifer is a character from a popular anime series. He openly reveals himself as the Devil, but few take him seriously. He possesses malefic powers and is known for spreading sin, death, chaos, terror, wars, and other evil activities.

Prince Soma – The Warrior Son of Vegeta and Bulma

Prince Soma is a formidable warrior and the son of Vegeta and Bulma. He can transform from an annoying brat into an adult in a matter of seconds. He serves as a housekeeper for Ciel Phantomhive and is assisted by Agni. Though he tends to blame others for his problems, he possesses traits typical of Leo, such as generosity, nobility, and extravagance. He is intensely loyal to his friends and those within his realm.

Yato – The Divine Protagonist

Yato is the main character in Noragami Aragoto. Inherited from a cruel God, Yato is compelled to fulfill their bidding. He has little patience for those lacking in spirit and often uses his powers for profit. By temporarily taking over a person’s body, he can induce visions or cause them to lose touch with reality. This results in the appearance of golden crowns or a complete loss of awareness.

Shorter – The Beautiful Assassin

Shorter is a stunning assassin with short light purple hair styled into twin tails. She is compassionate but cruel, capable of killing people with a single strike. She is part of the Scientist Ninja Weapon Team and is known for her short purple hair braided into ponytails. In addition to her psychic abilities and telekinesis, her favorite weapon is the Ukaku Kagune sword, which can cut through anything.

James – The Blunt and Kindhearted

James may initially come off as difficult to get along with due to his direct and blunt demeanor. However, beneath this exterior, he genuinely cares for others and is kindhearted.

Hirotaka – The Otaku Boyfriend

Hirotaka is Narumi Momose’s boyfriend and an otaku. He enjoys video games and yaoi manga and is skilled in gaming. Lightning and power outages trigger uncomfortable memories for him, but he finds solace in smoking extra cigarettes and wearing headphones at work. Despite appearing shy, he communicates through text messages, sending Narumi cute emoticons and LOLs.

Shinso – The Manipulator

Shinso first appeared during the U.A. Sports Festival. His unique ability allows him to control others through their voice, proving useful during an obstacle course race. In the world of My Hero Academia, a prestigious school for aspiring heroes, Shinso is determined to break through. Although he may appear intimidating with his blunt and standoffish approach, he is unafraid to manipulate others to his advantage.

Natsuno Yuuki – The Solitary Individual

Natsuno Yuuki is a newcomer to a village that he despises. He longs to return to his big city home and prefers solitude over companionship. He becomes determined to eradicate the Shikis, working alongside Tohru. However, after a fateful encounter with Tatsumi, he sacrifices himself in an explosion, taking Tatsumi down with him.

Mephisto Pheles – The Contradictory Demon

Mephisto Pheles is a demon from Gehenna who holds the second rank among the Demon Kings. Serving as the principal of True Cross Academy, he can manipulate time. Mephisto is a living contradiction, enjoying fast food while demanding nutritious meals for his students. He refers to himself by various names, including Mephistopheles and Johann Faust. He can summon objects by counting to three in German and has the power to levitate or fly them through space. Additionally, he can transform into a small white Scottish terrier for his performances.