How to Style the Anderson Cooper Haircut

Anderson Cooper is known for his iconic silvery white locks and unique way of styling them, but on Thursday, he took it one step further by posting a picture with his son Wyatt Morgan sporting new haircuts that look pretty nice. As the news anchor was self-isolating, his clippers must have been set higher than intended, as an apparent bald spot is now visible on his scalp.

Ivy League Haircut

Opt for the short Ivy League haircut if you want to look sophisticated and classy. This style perfectly balances short and long styles and suits most facial hair types and all environments and occasions. For an updated version, the sides may feature a high fade while its natural flowing top boasts side-swaying movement; its texture works exceptionally well on men with receding hairlines as it will add natural volume without making you appear thinner than usual. Slick your locks back with some hair gel for a sleek version of this hairstyle, or leave the top longer and comb it to one side to achieve more formal styles. Curly hair types will significantly benefit from this option as it adds texture while creating a stylish look; however, any hair texture can do this style successfully!

Comb-Over Haircut

A comb-over fade haircut is an alternative to the classic side part style, keeping hair longer on top for added volume and short or tapered sides. This look is sleek without crossing into stuffy territory and works for all men’s hair types. Plus, you can create trendy looks like Pompadour, Quiff, and Faux Hawk with extra length. Guys with oval faces tend to have more options for Comb Over styles; however, those with square or triangle features should avoid anything too high on the fade as this can soften their features and obscure their jawline. When styling for square and triangle features, the hair around their ears should remain short to highlight their angles and emphasize their characteristics.

Side Part Haircut

The Side Part Haircut is an iconic and low-maintenance look. Perfect for all face shapes, this look can easily be styled using some high-quality pomade and a comb. Additionally, its versatility means it can be worn casually or elegantly to suit your mood! This look can also work on fine locks; bring along an image of what you would like, as this may help when meeting with a barber! GettingGetting this style right at home can sometimes be challenging; consult your barber with any questions about creating it properly at home! When selecting which side you would like to part your hair on, it is best to follow the direction of your cowlick. A clockwise cowlick requires a left-side part, while counterclockwise ones necessitate the right. This ensures the natural shape of your face is maintained and keeps hair off your forehead regularly trimmed based on how often you wish to wear it down.

Buzz Cut

Unfortunately, his DIY hairstyle went wrong during a Thursday segment when he revealed he’d accidentally created a giant bald spot by cutting too much off one side. Good news if you have a buzz cut: the hair can grow out to cover any bald spots. A straight taper fade can also be styled for more texture with volume at the roots. Just remember to schedule regular trims with professional experts for the best results and invest in high-quality Wahl or Phillips clippers as starting points – they will undoubtedly pay dividends.