American Girl Hairstyles

Criss cross braids: a beautiful yet easy-to-create hairstyle where you twist the front strands into the back strands and tie them into a ponytail.

Pixie Braids: a charming hairstyle with adorable small braids, perfect with a floral headband.

Crisscross ponytails: a seemingly complex hairstyle made simple with colorful elastic bands, ideal for medium-length locks.

Retro Hairstyle: an adorable retro look with a long bob and ringlets, complete with a pink bow headpiece.

Teased crown and side ponytail: an iconic retro hairstyle that is easy to recreate.

Samantha’s cottagecore curls: Samantha pioneered the cottagecore trend with soft brunette curls and a velvet bow.

Hip-Hop Hairstyle: a symmetrical ponytail with flowers that adds dimension and charm to dark brown locks.

Salon hairstyles for American Girl dolls: available at American Girl Place locations or temporary stores, with varying costs depending on the intricacy.

Silver-Grey Twists: Samantha’s chic soft curls are styled with a velvet bow for a timeless look.

Single-Braided Hairstyle: Classic long blonde braids adorned with cool brown accents for a bold doll.

Voluminous Waves: Samantha’s stunning half-up hairstyles with soft brunette curls are ideal for parties and maxi dresses.

Crisscross ponytails: a seemingly complex hairstyle made easy by braiding two strands diagonally and tying them into a ponytail.

High Hairstyle: Samantha’s chicer-than-usual half-up styles for her soft brunette curls.

Misting bottle for doll hair: Use a specialized misting bottle for doll hair care to untangle and calm frizzy locks.

Bangs: Cross the doll’s bangs to one side and pull back into two braided pigtails for a sweet, eye-catching style.

Fishtail Braids: an elegant and easy hairstyle with giant individual twists inspired by the Victorian-era American Girl doll.

Hearts: Create a heart-shaped braid by braiding two side strands towards the middle and tying it off as a ponytail.