How to Rock Bold Alt Hairstyles

Bold alt hairstyles offer an exciting way to express yourself or stand out from the norm. You can add flair with pastel lavender highlights or electric blue streaks. Here are some eye-catching styles you can try:

Mullet: This alternative hair style, making a comeback among female TikTok influencers, features Liberty spikes for a edgy look.

Pixie with Disconnected Length: For women who prefer pixie cuts, the disconnected length version with an undercut at the nape and long wispy layers adds volume and depth. It pairs perfectly with bangs and can be styled straight or wavy using sculpting gel for a “just-rolled-out-of-bed” appearance.

Two-Tone Pixie: Create an attractive style with ash blonde top and jet black sides, perfect for dark-skinned ladies.

Low Skin Fade Pixie: Pair your pixie cut with a low skin fade for an edgy vibe. Use pomade and hoops earrings to dress it up.

Cobalt Blue Mullet: Opt for cobalt blue as an alternative color choice for a pixie cut featuring disconnected length. This look works best for women with medium to thick hair and compliments heart or oval face shapes.

Punk Pixie: Add height and edge to your short pixie cut with textured layers and a dark hue for a unique punk rock style.

Mohawk or Wolf Cut: These alternative hairstyles can be paired with shaved looks or pompadours for more contrast. They work well with coarse or wavy textures, giving off a grungy or edgy vibe.

Money Pieces with a Pop of Blue: Money piece hair color trends have evolved from dramatic contrast to more versatile techniques. They look beautiful on any hairstyle, including bobs and braids. Blonde is the go-to shade, but other fantasy shades can add flair. TikTok star Addison Rae is a great example of how these highlights can update your look.

Green and Blue Color Blend: Blue ombre offers a more subdued take on ombre, with graded highlights that get darker at the roots and lighter toward the ends. This look can be worn straight or braided, and dry shampoo designed for colored locks will help maintain the color.