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Allove Hair: Offering Unique and Popular Global Products

Allove hair is an e-commerce store that provides a wide range of brands to suit every need imaginable.

Understanding Human Hair Categories

When purchasing human hair weaves or wigs, it is essential to know the different types of hair available. There are three categories: Remy, Virgin, and 100% Human (Non-Remy). The classification of the hair affects both its quality and price. Non-Remy hair, for example, is often processed by stripping off its cuticles, making it brittle, prone to tangling and matting, and not as durable.

Fast Shipping Options

When purchasing Allove Hair, you have multiple shipping options, such as DHL, Dpex, and FedEx. These options ensure quick and efficient delivery of the products to your location. Additionally, Ubuy offers free samples, allowing you to test the hair before purchasing.

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