Men’s Barbershop Haircuts

When you walk into a barbershop, be prepared with exactly what haircut style you desire. Pictures are the best way to illustrate and describe your expected cut – they also help the barber understand your description quickly and accurately.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is an ever-popular classic haircut that requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. Hair is cut uniformly short using different size guards on top and faded on the back and sides for a sleek, stylish look. Depending on the hair length, a few swipes of men’s mousse or pomade can add texture and definition to this hairstyle.

The high fade is an exciting variation of the classic buzz cut that emphasizes and defines its line. It is frequently used as a rite of passage among new military recruits and is highly recommended for men with round or diamond face shapes.

A unique variation on the buzz cut, Caesar cuts feature slightly longer hair slicked forward to create a distinct style. It can help elongate a narrow forehead while drawing attention away from any imperfections of an oval facial structure. Meanwhile, Edgar cuts can help cover widow’s peaks or make them blend in seamlessly into your hairline.

Crew Cut

The classic crew cut is an excellent option for men looking for a timeless and versatile hairstyle that allows them to keep their locks short yet neat, while adding some texture through texture-enhancing layers at the crown of their heads.

For this style, the haircut is gently brushed up into a small quiff in front, and tapered skin fades at the back and sides, creating an ideal option for men with naturally wavy locks who wish to add texture – particularly those looking for natural separation and making an authentically messy appearance. A pea-sized amount of BluMaan Cavalier Clay ($22) may help provide this desired natural effect.

Low or taper fades are ideal for creating the classic crew cut look, as they streamline your appearance while meeting all of its requirements. A low fade also draws focus away from your scalp towards your face while adding visual texture and body to this style. A soft or taper fade is also beneficial when dealing with receding or thinning hair as it shifts attention away from it and onto other parts of your appearance.

Taper Cut

The taper cut is a versatile type of undercut with longer top sections and shorter back and sides. It can be worn casually, as a pompadour or quiff style, or for formal events, making this an excellent option for men looking for short hair without skin fade effects.

Barbers with experience cutting taper cuts can assist you in selecting an appropriate length. Short tapers generally range between 1 and 2 inches in height and taper to your ear. Longer taper cuts should reach to the nape of the neck.

A taper haircut works well with almost every hairstyle, particularly wavy locks. Use some hair products and style with your fingers for a natural-looking texture. A taper haircut provides the ideal foundation for more complicated techniques that require additional work; don’t mistake this style for one more drastic, like a fade!

Combed Back

Men with disconnected haircuts can show off the cropped sides with a classic, minimal combed-back look known as a ducktail or duck’s ass. This classic and minimal slicked-back hairstyle requires little product and looks neat and stylish, perfect for manly looks or elegant dinner party events. Pomade (both oil- and water-based versions work equally well for this style) works wonders in creating this comb-back style; oil and water-based versions work exceptionally well to give a natural finish, while thicker locks work great too if thicker locks need styling!