Layered Hairstyles For Long Or Short Hair

No matter your hair length or texture, layers can transform any style. Not only are they great at adding dimension and volumetric dimension to strands, but they can also give curlier surfaces an eye-framing shape that frames the face beautifully.

Long Layers

Long layered hair looks chic with its movement and texture, making this style ideal for women with straight, wavy, or curly locks. Not only can this style reduce weight on your ends while adding volume and healthy thickness, but it can also help improve weight management on the top layers of the head.

Rounded Layers

You can add various layers to your hair depending on your desired style and face shape. Rounder layers can help frame your face, adding volume while softening its look – this style works exceptionally well when combined with full bangs.

Asian Layers

This long Asian layered haircut looks breathtaking when styled with loose beach waves and plenty of volume. Perfect for all ages, particularly when highlighted with light blonde highlights. Pair this chic style with golden blonde highlights for eye-catching appeal and feminine sophistication! This angled bob features soft face-framing layers to complete this sophisticated, feminine look.

Slicked Back Layers

If you want to add volume without cutting off all your hair, consider asking for slicked-back layers. This cut works particularly well on long locks and with side-swept bangs or an elegant middle part.

Internal layering is another unique layering technique. Done from underneath your hair’s surface layer, this method adds texture while simultaneously decreasing weight in an invisible way – ideal for those with fine or thin locks looking to add density through adding texture. Although it can be done at home or in a salon, professional experience should always be sought when undertaking such styling techniques to ensure an expert finish, avoid mistakes, and ensure quality service.