All Natural Hair Styles

When it comes to natural hairstyles, a wide range of choices are available to you. From sleek buns and French braids to mohawks, whatever suits your taste best can be found among these options.

Adopting your natural hair texture is beautiful; many wish they had your gorgeous curls and kinks!

Afro puff

Afro puffs are an easy and beautiful natural hairstyle for any special occasion, especially when combined with front bangs. Furthermore, this style requires little maintenance – saving time and effort during busy days!

To create afro puffs, hydrate your hair beforehand to prevent dry and brittle puffs from developing. Leave-in conditioners or even deep conditioning treatments may come in handy here.

Add a feminine and sophisticated touch with an afro puffs headwrap or band for an added feminine and sophisticated look. A headwrap can even be decorated in various colors to match your outfit perfectly!

Twist out

A twist-out is one of the most versatile natural hairstyles. It can elongate your curl pattern and is an effective protective style when transitioning or recently cutting hair. Plus, its easy care maintenance creates an adorable halo of bouncy coils!

An essential key to a successful twist-out is beginning with clean and conditioned hair. Next, divide it into workable sections and secure them with tiny buns or clips before wetting your tresses and applying either curl cream or hair gel to define twists and moisturize.

Once your hair is dehydrated, lightweight oil can help smooth out its twists and add shine.

Braided bun

A braided bun is an eye-catching style that always draws attention. Perfect for everyday wear or dress it up for special events, start this look with a fresh hair wash and use a protective system on your braids to achieve this style.

Add extensions and style your braids into a high bun for a formal look – an excellent look for women with long hair! This style also works great as part of a traditional bridal look!

This braided bun effectively showcases face-framing braids while remaining chic and sophisticated, perfect for cocktail parties or girls’ nights out.

French braids

The French braid is iconic perfect for work and special events. Not only does it look stunning on any hair texture, but it also provides a simple way to keep your locks neat!

If you’re new to braiding, practicing with a friend before trying it yourself can be helpful. This will give you a better sense of how to hold and add hair into each section.

Create a double puff braid for added drama – perfect for a night out with friends or a concert!


The mohawk is a timeless hairstyle beloved by many people. Native American tribes first wore it, and punk rockers later popularized it in modern culture. However, its use has recently been scrutinized due to cultural appropriation claims.

Mohawk hairstyles may have gotten their name from the Mohawk tribe, but they are more closely associated with those worn by Pawnee people, who lived in Nebraska and northern Kansas at the present day. Hollywood also contributed to public confusion when depicting mohawks in films like “Drums Along the Mohawk” and “Vision Quest.”

To achieve this hairstyle, divide your locks into three sections – front, middle, and back – then twist each section and secure with a satin scarf.

Half top knot

The half-top knot is ideal for women with shorter locks who still want to rock a stylish updo. It is quick, easy, and looks fantastic no matter the style – not to mention it can help conceal unsightly bumps while adding volume!

Assuming your hair has been cleansed and conditioned properly, blow-dry it until completely dry before adding some hairspray or dry shampoo for added hold. Next, gather up the top section in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic; twisting another area around it and pinning it in place is optional but highly recommended!