Types of Hair-Cutting Tools

Hair-cutting tools are integral in creating the final look of any haircut, so you must understand their uses and types. In particular, scissors come in various varieties with specific services in mind.

Regular Shears

Regular shears feature wide-toothed designs to quickly remove over 50 percent of hair in just a few cuts and blend, texturize, and thin the locks effectively.


Trimmers are ideal for trimming facial and body hair quickly and effectively, helping you to achieve a polished look without needing to visit a salon. With multiple attachments available to select, these machines make changing up your style quickly and swiftly!

These trimmers are small, lightweight, and portable, making them easy to take anywhere. Additionally, their long battery lives make them easy to use and maintain; and many models feature adjustable locking length settings so you can always get exactly the haircut you desire.

Trimmers boast a unique blade and tooth design, enabling them to trim very close to the skin without the risk of nicking your skin. They’re great for trimming beards, neck hairs, and other small facial features without fear of cutting through to skin nicks or indentations, and they can even be used for outlining dry shaving, and edging purposes! Many come equipped with guide combs, trimming oil, and cleaning brushes.


Razors are indispensable for trimming beards and necklines, creating miniature masterpieces on shorter canvases, and being vital for barbers and hairdressers. Their innovative design enables precise cuts and fades for clean-looking looks. Shear blades are designed with curved and razor-sharp edges that make them suitable for slide-cutting and point-cutting techniques. They need only occasional sharpening and last for years when choosing shears that best meet your hands and provide optimal ergonomics.

The Cut Buddy

The Cut Buddy is an innovative self-grooming tool for men that provides them with smooth lines around their hair and beards. Ideal for black men, the tool helps them achieve crisp looks effortlessly while working for any length of beard and part of the head – simple yet effective use can make a significant, impactful statement about who they are! Joshua Esnard of St. Lucia immigrated to Canada, pitched his product on Shark Tank in November 2017, and received three investments of $300,000. These funds are now used to sell his product at Walmart stores. The Cut Buddy uses a template to assist haircutters in creating a symmetrical beard and hairline shape. It is an affordable tool anyone can use to achieve professional-looking results; use it alongside standard trimmers for optimal results!


In 1986, California carpenter Rick Hunts created the Flowbee as an infomercial sensation. Combining clippers with a vacuum cleaner attachment, its hose draws hair trimmings directly into a canister for disposal, keeping unwanted fur off your clothes, furniture, or walls. Easy to use and with thousands of positive Amazon reviews backing it, its success cannot be denied!

Avoid complex precision haircuts like fades and layering when opting for this technique. Still, it provides a uniform buzz cut and saves costs by forgoing barber services. Ensure your vacuum has enough suction power to pick up trimmings after each haircut session.

The Flowbee may not be the only self-haircutting device on the market, but it quickly gained widespread acclaim after George Clooney publicly revealed its use. Since then, sales for this retro tool have seen an upsurge.