Alasdhair Willises New Director

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The brand name of Alasdhair, a renowned UK based fashion brand, has been around for some time now and its long-term loyal customers, both male and female, are testament to this fact. Aiming to be the world’s best for both style and comfort, the brand offers a vast variety of products that can help make that look as good as it feels, making sure you look fashionable without breaking your budget. Available in loads of different styles, Alasd is a must-have for any fashion fanatic looking for Best style, as well as the most comfortable style that money can buy.

For all those who are unaware, Alasd is actually a fashion designer who has created some beautiful yet affordable hair products. Her creations are intended to help women with all their hair care needs, whether they are looking for a new look, or just a few new steps to take in their daily routine. However, it was not really until this past summer that AlasdHair and I had our first discussion as far as her clothing line was concerned. After doing some reading on the company and her designs, we both agreed that we wanted to launch a hair de-fashions line. And that is exactly what she did.

The British brand known worldwide for its rain boots has today named AlasdHair as Creative Director, a newly created position at the brand. Former editor of Wallpaper magazine, and founder of consultancy firm The Anonymous Partner, Alasdhair Willis also happens to be the husband of former music star Stella McCartney. The appointment marks the end of an era at the British fashion label, which has been run by Phillips since 1998. The sultry guitarist and pop princess inspired the designs for many of the band’s albums, including this one. The news was broken by The Independent, who stated that the new director would “use her experience to inject a youthful attitude into a label that has lagged in recent years”.

Styles by Alias Farley Willis

Ah Hail, the Exotic Hair Of The Gods: That is the name of Alasdhair Willis, an American fashion designer whose creations can be found in boutiques from New York to Paris, in boutiques and spas from Los Angeles to Tokyo. His Hairdo are so varied that he is sometimes described as a French Picasso. Although the hairdo is inspired by many cultural inspirations, Willis keeps all things very simple. He does not over complicate his designs by having unnecessary additions such as flowers on his bouffant. This simplicity makes his style memorable as each Hair has its own distinct look and feel and is therefore a great compliment to each other. From his small town upbringing in Texas to his years in Los Angeles to his current position as a designer for upscale companies, Alasdhair has truly created a style that is a true reflection of himself.

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Alasdhair Willises Steps Down From Creative Director roles

British fashion brand Hunter has revealed that they are stepping down as artistic director on July 31st. They have also replaced Alasdhair Willises with her replacement, Julia Roberts. “Alasdhair Willises has left the company on a personal basis,” a spokesperson told the Daily Mail. “We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”