Afro Hairstyles With Braids

Black braided dos are protective and beautiful styles – a signature style for many black women. Be wary of white celebrities and magazines who co-opt African braid styles without adequately crediting our community. Such acts of cultural erasure harm us all.

Asymmetrical Ghana Braids

For an unusual and captivating style, try asymmetrical Ghana braids. By alternating thick and thin braids to form a pleasing curve pattern, they offer an eye-catching hairstyle suitable for elegant events. Plus, clear or colored beads give an added splash of color!

If black is your signature shade, try switching it up with an intoxicating wine-red hue for something genuinely captivating. Your jumbo Ghana braids in a high-side ponytail will undoubtedly stand out when worn this way!

Those with type 3 or 4 fro-textured hair can take beautiful stitch braids. Wavy partings add an eye-catching twist, lasting weeks with proper maintenance. The twisting gel can keep strands tidy; tie knots to prevent them from unraveling!

Upright Braids

Just a few elements are all it takes to craft an elegant hairstyle. Take this version of a classic twist braid updo as an example; its updated version features criss-crossed flat braids, which add texture and volume to its design – ideal for those with long, natural crowns.

Alternating large cornrows with small ones is a proven technique to add dimension and create striking looks. hair accessories such as beads, head scarves, and clips can add flair and make this protective style easy to manage; remember to moisturize the strands regularly while avoiding excess heat sources. Afro-textured hair tends to dry out quickly, so using maintenance and styling products to protect its length longer can ensure you enjoy a sleek, healthy style that feels smooth against the scalp.

Grey Afro

Whether your natural color is blonde or black, incorporating grey strands can look stunning. hair painting is one way to achieve this look; try tape-in hair extensions for a less drastic version. They allow you to experiment without fearing demarcation lines that may arise once grays grow. Sevyn Streeter wears a gorgeous grey wig, which works beautifully with her Afro.

A chic hairstyle that pairs beautifully with gray braids is the bob. To make it even more feminine, add white highlights. Additionally, a pair of high-space buns can add dimension and funky edginess. Thick gray scalp braids have become fashionable among women over 50, known by various names such as cornrows or goddess braids; these thick grey ones will help add volume to your locks.

Blonde Braids

As if the vast array of braid styles weren’t impressive enough, blonde braids are indispensable for any girl who enjoys switching up her look. From small or large twists to wheel patterns or wrapping them around your head like a faux hawk look – blonde braids will take your style further than ever!

Another low-maintenance style to try is jumbo braiding. This braiding technique creates thick plaits similar to cornrows but on an enormous scale.

Milkmaid braids offer an elegant yet sexy style. Originating as the look worn by milkmaids during work hours, this look is the ideal way to look sophisticated without too much time styling hair. Try one on days you need to look chic without spending hours styling it!

Fade Haircut

Braids can be an easy way to style boys with coily, kinky, or afro hair textures without much effort to maintain it healthy and fashionable. Individual twists can be collected into a ponytail and retied every few days to tuck any loose ends back into place and avoid unruly locks from coming loose!

A fade haircut is a versatile cut that can complement various styles. It can range from skin medium to high fades – giving you plenty of options when selecting one!

Combining your faded haircut with braided styles creates an eye-catching combination that will turn heads. Cornrows, French braids, twist braids, or wheel patterns – whatever suits your fancy best! Just be sure to discuss your desired type of fade with your barber so they can help create something tailored specifically to your face shape and individual taste.