Afro Twist Hairstyles For Black Women

Natural twisted hairstyles have become a favorite of black women, particularly for special events and ceremonies. Not only are these styles more sophisticated than regular braids, but they’re also great at protecting and styling hair properly.

Kinky Afro Twists with Golden Brown Tips

If you have kinky hair, there are numerous ways to style it. For instance, adding pops of color, such as this look’s brown highlights, adds an exciting pop. Or try braiding small sections of hair together and twisting them for added texture – adding texture will make your kinky style appear less plain! Add some flair and color by dying your kinky twists a bold shade, such as Marsala, which has recently been popular. This color looks incredible on any afro hairstyle, including kinky styles. Tiaras can add another special touch.

Long Afro Twists

Long afro twist styles offer limitless possibilities. This exquisite protective style makes an impressive statement on any special occasion, featuring medium-length tight twists with curly tips achieved by dipping them in hot water.

Afro Twists with No Attachment

Try this mini twist hairstyle if you want a chic and sophisticated look without compromising length. Crafting an elegant and timeless style, this medium-length black afro twist hairstyle produces a timeless style that you can accessorize easily with bracelets or beads.

Afro Twists with Normal Weaving

This style could be perfect if you want long locks without going for dreadlocks. A low ponytail with twists makes an elegant statement about who you are. Plus, this look will draw all eyes towards your face and neck for added impact!