African Men Hairstyles

Hairstyles can express both culture and individual identity, and Black men have many options for styling their locks – including fades, lineups, and protective styles that save grooming time.

Try a low skin fade with a sculpted afro top and steeply tapered sides for an eye-catching style that can easily be maintained through regular visits to the barber and some pomade. This look can keep looking its best with frequent trips to the barber.


An afro haircut with a high skin fade is an eye-catching style that will set you apart. It is ideal for guys wanting extra volume in their locks and creating a rounder face shape – making this style especially suitable for square or round-faced individuals. This afro haircut features long curls on top and a high fade that emphasizes the hairline and a lineup, providing a sleek finish to this style. Choose between various fade variations for this afro hairstyle, including high, mid, low, burst, or drop fades. Finally, add a shape or line up to further define and characterize this haircut.


Mohawk hairstyles require bold men with plenty of courage. Thankfully, black men tend to embrace experimentation when styling their locks, leading them to create some genuinely stylish variations of this classic style. A curved mohawk combined with a faded side undercut looks sleek and clean and is one of the best and most flexible mohawk hairstyles for black men, as it allows them to have both short sides and long top locks. Low skin fade and sponge twists mohawk is an elegant haircut designed to emphasize the natural kinkiness of natural afro hair, and add contemporary style. Ideal for black men looking to upgrade their rounded afro, this look pairs well with beards and unique hair designs to complete the look.

Shape Up

The Shape Up is ideal for black men looking to keep their curls long and stylish. Combining low skin fade with a full afro creates an impressive classic hairstyle that stands out in any crowd. To maintain this style, use conditioner and brush your locks frequently. Short haircuts for black men featuring temple fades with twist-outs effectively show off their curls and highlight them. Although this haircut requires additional maintenance before than box disappears, its results speak for themselves. This hairstyle emphasizes the jaw corners and creates an overall balanced appearance. It features a rounded, tall top and flawless lines; for proper maintenance, use a bristle brush with hair oil to keep curls moisturized.


Two-strand twists are an effective protective hairstyle to tame natural curls while looking fashionable. They take less time than box braids or cornrows, pairing well with any style of fade or braid imaginable – not to mention keeping hair healthy and hydrated! This protective style also contributes to keeping it looking its best! Polo G opted for a casual-looking style featuring neatly rolled twists of various lengths, framing his face beautifully while creating a seductive image for this rapper. Ty Dolla shows how to rock a bold bob with high skin fade and textured twists at the crown, an eclectic style that fuses elements from hip hop, rap, and urban streetwear into something he can wear up or down depending on his mood or occasion. His wavy pattern on top stands out against his blond eyebrows beautifully.


A well-groomed beard exudes sophistication and refinement. It highlights the natural beauty of black men’s faces, while it can also be trimmed to define chin lines and easily shape your beard. Furthermore, you can style it further to personalize it or let it grow naturally to add personality and pizazz to the beard’s look. Temple fade is an iconic hairstyle designed for men with beards. This look involves gradually fading from the sides of your head towards your temples and facial hair – perfect for black men looking to keep their locks and beards short! Be sure to use moisturizer regularly so as to hydrate curls properly and foster healthy growth. This style is ideal for black men with sculpted beards and skin fades featuring shaved lines or elegant mutton chops looks, or those who desire an impressive beard etching for an eye-catching appearance.