Popular African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures

African hair braiding comes in various styles. You can create multiple looks, such as a twisted ponytail, two-step braid, and mohawk-inspired eyes. To spice things up further, you could add blonde dyed strands to make an impactful statement about yourself!

Twisted Ponytail

Start by braiding thin fishbone braids along either side of your head. Next, twist your hair until it creates a worm-like appearance.

Fulani Braid

Fulani braids are an excellent protective style. Beads make for an elegant way to customize Fulani braids on thin hair.

Chunky Braid

Chunky braids can provide excellent protective styles. Angled, chunky asymmetrical braids are an elegant protective hairstyle for natural hair.

Box Braid

Long box braid styles have long been a fashionable protective hairstyle. When combined with gold hair accessories, they look incredibly stunning!

High Bun

This beautiful and exotic braid hairstyle has become quite fashionable over time. This hairstyle features short box braids adorned with copper beads for an eye-catching touch of color and dimension.

Goddess Braid

Goddess braids are an elegant way to style your hair. Adding some color to your braided look can add depth.

Two-Step Braid

This style adds an exciting dimension to traditional thin Ghana braids with blue and lilac extensions providing a vibrant pop of color.

High Ponytail with a Center Parting

This classy high ponytail with center parting is one of the latest and most excellent African hair braid styles. Try pairing this gorgeous hairstyle with cornrows or Fulani braids to achieve a dazzling effect.

Ombre Braided Bun

One effective way of styling ombre braids is creating a high-side bun. This ombre braiding style looks both pretty and seductive.

Simple Braid

Use natural hair or extensions to achieve this beautiful braided style for any occasion. Mix your Ghana braids with some thickness for an eye-catching and unique style.