African American Short Hair Cuts That Work For You

Curly Taper

Black hair requires a different approach when styling than its Caucasian counterpart. One style option is a curly taper, which emphasizes curvier strands. This style requires regular moisture replenishment and weekly conditioning treatments.

Pixie with Curls

Pixie cuts featuring naturally curly locks are an excellent option for women with narrow face shapes. Curled pixie cuts add femininity and sexiness while helping balance out slim features. This look will be easy to maintain and can be refreshed with wax or styling cream.

Pixie with Side Waves

Add some wavy length to your short pixie for an instantaneous update. Use salt spray to achieve an irresistibly tousled style throughout the day. For fine hair, a messy pixie with side bangs can add volume and frame your features beautifully.

Afro with Hard Part

Show off your textured locks with this eye-catching style. Finish it off with a hard part for added sleekness. This short afro taper fade features defined curls, highlighting its delicate texture and natural characteristics.

Michael B. Jordan Pompadour

Michael B. Jordan proves that the pompadour remains an eye-catching choice for Black men. Pair it with a fade and beard lineup for an attention-grabbing appearance.

Pixie with Side Bangs

For a layered pixie crop with side bangs, look no further. Its uneven layers create an eye-catching style that adds movement and seduction to this cut. This chic pixie can be enhanced with honey-blonde balayage highlights.

Pixie with Finger Waves

Pixie cuts with finger waves offer the ideal look for anyone wanting to add drama and interest to their short locks. Black women, in particular, benefit from this look as it showcases tapering at the sides, creating fuller and more dramatic cuts.

Undercut with Side Bangs

A slick undercut with side bangs is an elegant combination, providing the ideal frame for your face. The texture-laden fringe adds depth, while flyaways keep this style from appearing overdone or polished—curly hair pairs beautifully with an undercut.

Short African-American hair Style

A short African American hairstyle featuring a shaved fade with a side part and long fringe is another trendy look perfect for all face shapes.

Pixie with Twists

This pixie with twists is an ideal solution for an effortless and low-maintenance style. The medium brown hue adds depth and dimension, while the straight top and deep side parts highlight stunning cheekbones.

Transitioning Styles

Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural hair or already sporting a TWA, there are various styles you can try with short black hair to make your look stand out. A low fade, carved designs, or colored accents can all enhance the overall effect.