African American Male Haircuts

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is an effortless style perfect for black men with beards. It requires little maintenance and can easily be styled with different hair designs; regular trims and good hair care practices, such as moisturizer, can ensure it remains well maintained.

Short Afro

Afro hairstyles are an ideal way to highlight black men with curly or oily locks, and show off their signature kinky textures. Afros are both stylish and sophisticated; they can accentuate one’s personality. Athletic and energetic men typically opt for shorter haircuts such as fades or mohawks as a statement about themselves. Consider opting for the taper fade and blowout style for an easy yet fashionable afro haircut. This haircut will provide a clean and fresh appearance and requires regular upkeep: make sure you visit a stylist to shape the fade hairline and apply edge control gel toto keep edges neatly manicured.

Long Kinky Hair

This kinky hairstyle for black men is an exceptional look that can make your mane appear fuller and thicker. Combining tightly braided twists woven into spring-like shapes with low fade and line-up haircuts, this trend has gained tremendous popularity within African American communities and African-American communities and mainstream culture – featuring celebrities like Jade Avia, Brandy Jennette, and Kelly Jennette, among many more! Long, kinky hairstyles offer taper and high-top variations to add structure and a sharp aesthetic to any style. To maintain this look, consider using SheaMoisture Men Argan Oil