African American Half Braided Hair Styles

African braided hairstyles offer a beautiful way to show your heritage. Many styles that were once considered taboo have now become part of Black culture in America. Blend thick and thin asymmetrical cornrows to achieve an eye-catching style without overpowering it with too many patterns. Alternating patterns add interest while keeping this look manageable.

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a fantastic protective style that can be worn differently. One of our favorite looks incorporates beads into the class – it is visually appealing and can help bring your ancestors closer. Fulani braids can also be styled in an eye-catching high ponytail look that is both incredibly flattering and allows you to experiment with hair accessories in an understated yet stylish manner. This look allows the face to open up while simultaneously offering subtle variations. Add an elegant twist to this style by adding small spiral braids at the ends of your ponytail for an eye-catching finish. This adds an eye-catching detail, making the class even more dramatic and striking.

Box Braids

Box braids are an increasingly popular style among women looking to protect their locks from heat exposure or add color without harming natural locks. To get the most out-of-box braids, it is best to hydrate them daily using products designed to moisturize them while leaving them soft and hydrated. However, it should be noted that wearing box braids if you are not African-American can be considered cultural appropriation since their roots lie within African-enslaved culture and, therefore, serve as a symbol for it.

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are an unforgettable style for women of any age and event. Popular uses include faux hawk styles that add an edged-out appearance; you may also opt for using volumizing products before getting your braids done to enhance their fuller volume appearance. Goddess braids offer an African aesthetic with large braided sections woven together. Their braiding can be colored to give an individual look that makes a statement of who they are. Goddess braids don’t cause extensive damage to natural hair, but it is essential that they be prepared correctly before use. Wash and detangle before braiding.

Natural Braids

Cornrows come in various styles and are often decorated with beads to signify tribe membership, kinship ties, wealth status, or personality traits. Cornrows can even be decorated with shells, coral, and flowers for added style! These protective styles are stylish and beautiful and help reduce hair fall and breakage. Plus, they make washing, moisturizing, and styling much simpler! Many women prefer human hair over synthetic (Kanekalon) fibers when getting braids because human hair contains fewer chemicals. As a result, its look is fuller and softer, lasting up to three months with proper maintenance and care.

Space Buns

This style is an enjoyable and romantic hairdo suitable for all hair textures. To achieve it, split your locks into two pigtails using elastics, then twist or braid each end to form space buns before misting them with hairspray for added drama! Add texture and volume to your space buns by applying ZIG ZAG before styling them – this product will help give them fullness and make them appear fuller and lusher! For a more elegant variation of space buns half up and half down, create them from two Dutch braids instead. This look works exceptionally well if your locks have coils or coils and can be made as sleek or messy as desired with just a few gentle tugs of your fingers.

Bob Braids

Bob braids can last anywhere from two to ten weeks, depending on how often you visit the salon for touch-ups at your hairline and nape of the neck, and are enhanced with beads to create an aesthetic and distinct style. Janelle Monae has often been seen sporting this look, which features a fanned-out cornrow style with beaded accents. This look adds elegance and sophistication to your short braids for events requiring more grace – and blonde braids especially look lovely when done right! Plus, you could add rainbow-beaded accents for even greater flair.