African American Female Hairstyles

Hair is one of the critical elements that define an African-American female look; from iconic cornrow braids of ancient Egypt to flipped bags and long wavy bobs, an array of beautiful African-American female hairstyles is available today. If transitioning from relaxed hair, choose an effortless style like low fades or twist-outs with protective braids easily maintained with moisturizing products. This classic look will leave your natural locks feeling luxurious without breaking the bank!

Long Wavy Bob

Every black girl dreams of the perfect long wavy bob with face-framing curls; it is effortless yet luxurious at once! A classic and beautiful hairstyle. This simple yet chic bob is ideal for those transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Additionally, its layered cut helps maintain length while creating an eye-catching style for oblong, heart, and round face shapes. Raven Symone made headlines at the premiere of ‘Book of Life’ when she donned this stunning two-tone hairstyle with its stunning balayage highlights and soft, wavy texture – sure to turn heads at every event she attended! It certainly stood out among its peers! This adorable and pretty hairstyle is an effective way to add color without fully dyeing them. The beautiful emerald green shades blend beautifully, creating an effortless boho aesthetic, while the twisted braids add depth. This style is also an excellent solution for women wanting to try dreadlocks but need more time to be ready to commit 100%.

Box Braids

Box braids have long been a classic look among African-American women. These waist-grazing plaits come in various styles, most frequently worn neatly down the back or tied at the crown with a white scrunchie. These low-maintenance short hairstyles for black women offer a quick and stylish way to frame the face. Pair faux locs with an eye-catching bandana in a vibrant color for an eye-catching ensemble that turns heads. Note of Caution: Before getting box braids, ensure your strands are clean and properly conditioned to avoid falling out. Also, consider your own hair growth rate since this protective style should last at least 12 weeks. If the braiding process causes discomfort, your stylist is pulling too hard on your locks, which could damage them further – invest in quality braiding products and schedule regular co-washes or apple cider vinegar rinses to maintain healthy braids!

Twist Bun

The twisted bun hairstyle is a fantastic way to elevate any braided updo with added flair. Perfect for any special event and natural or relaxed hair types, this style will have all your guests talking! It will surely turn heads at your event! This design’s appeal lies in its flexibility: you can choose any color to make up this pattern, including adding some pink for more character and style. This style makes an excellent statement about black women who want to express their feminine side! A twirled updo is one of black women’s most beautiful and sophisticated hairstyles, perfect for weddings or other formal events. Use plenty of moisturizer and hair glue to avoid tangles or hair fall, or try using a sponge donut for a flawless finish!

Donut Bun

Donut buns are one of the easiest low bun hairstyles for black women to create, as all it requires is tying your ponytail into an oval shape and twisting it around itself. To start this look off right, start with clean, moisturized hair that is 90% dry before applying light-hold hairspray such as Moroccan Oil’s Luminous Hairspray to provide flexible hold and shine. Comb your hair into a high ponytail on the crown of your head. Slide in a donut bun form from beauty supply stores or online and secure with a hair tie; this should sit directly over the donut form, keeping the ponytail secure. Try this donut bun style for a classic and sophisticated appearance at any wedding or black tie event. Pair it with a side-swept afro puff and embellished hair accessories to achieve a glamorous appearance, or wear it more casually and youthfully with a slicked-back bob.