Braided Adult Hairstyles

If you want to give your children’s hairstyles an exciting new edge, try braiding them in multiple colors with long braids tied on both sides of their heads for an adorable protective style! This playful, protective style features two long braids tied tightly around their head.

This cottage-core look is ideal for medium-length hair with full bangs – one of the trendiest 2023 hair trends! Wispy bangs have quickly become one of the top fashion statements this year.

Pop Smoke Braids

Pop smoke braids are an iconic protective style loved by both men and women. Easy to achieve and suitable for all hair colors or lengths, they help stimulate natural hair growth while taking less time than long braids to install. Ideal for people with shorter locks.

This style is consists of small cornrows intertwined into three thick braids that fall along the shoulder. They can be customized further by accessorizing with beads, clips, or colorful twine for a personalized touch.

Add beads to your pop smoke braids for an aesthetically pleasing and fashionable look! They’ll set them apart while adding a pop of color and elegance to any ensemble. To maintain the healthiest-looking braids possible, apply foaming mousse or edge control gel once every week for maximum performance.

Fishbone Braid

Fishbone braids are an exciting way to have fun with your hair. Perfect for any special event and on all lengths of strands, these intricate styles add visual interest while showing off any ombre hues or creating eye-catching highlights in your tresses.

Hairstylist Alexandra Jones created this lovely style using four small fishbone braids, which lead into two larger ones for an elegant and timeless effect. She kept the rest of her locks straight for an understated and natural aesthetic.

She kept her fishbones tight and tidy, adding a hint of red to make them stand out. This style would look beautiful at any special event or ceremony – making for an ideal bridal hairstyle!

Braided Bun

Braids and buns have quickly become trendy. Combined, their results can be stunning; this breathtaking look is ideal for special events and milestones. To achieve it yourself, part your hair down the center, pull each side into a pigtail, then gather all pigtails together into a single bun at the top of your head; add a bandana if desired for added flair!

This braided hair idea makes a striking statement for an elegant wedding celebration. Use, high-quality edge control gel to keep the style from looking unruly or frizzy!

Dookie Braid

Are you searching for an eye-catching protective style to exude fierceness? Look no further than this dookie braided ‘do. Dookie braids (commonly known as giant braids) resemble box braids in that they only cover small portions of your head but can often be thicker.

Dookie braids are stunning and can make for an incredible hairstyle. They look beautiful when worn against deep colors like red or burgundy; the combination will turn heads!

Dookie braids are versatile and complement virtually every hairstyle, from updos to high ponytails and half-up styles. Their simple yet cute nature makes them ideal for half-up kinds; adding color pops can easily be accomplished using bright thread or beads – the perfect look for a night out with friends! Be sure to invest in quality braiding hair, though for optimal results!