Above the Shoulder Choppy Haircuts

Above-the-shoulder choppy haircuts are great ways to add texture and volume to their looks, not to mention complement trendy hair colors beautifully. Layers work wonders with all hair types, but thicker locks respond particularly well. Bangs add a softening appeal to this edgy style.

Golden Choppy Bob with Bob Bangs

Teased Choppy Bob is an ideal style for thin or delicate locks because of the three-dimensional effect it creates, which gives your hair more volume. To maintain healthy locks, use Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray after styling to protect it and keep your locks healthy. An original and distinctive silhouette, a steeply-angled choppy bob can make any haircut pop out. Teasing the crown can enhance this effect and give your locks more volume and body. A classic and feminine combination: A golden brown layered bob with face-framing bangs looks timeless and feminine. Additionally, this style works great if you need help deciding between blonde or brunette, as both shades work just as well with it.

Golden Choppy Bob with Front Fringes

A choppy bob with face-framing highlights is an ideal style for fine hair as it adds movement, volume, and texture. This layered haircut features short layers in the back with long bangs swept across the forehead for a timeless style that suits almost anyone. Stacked choppy layers add volume and body to fine locks while de-bulking thicker ones. This blonde bob is also ideal for women transitioning from natural dark locks to silver hair, as its layers conceal regrowth while still looking trendy and modern. This medium-angled choppy bob is eye-catching, boasting white and gold dual highlights that create lots of texture in its face-framing locks. Ideal for ladies with cool skin undertones, the contrasted colors bring balance.

Golden Choppy Bob with Bangs

Gold adds an elegant touch to a choppy bob with bangs, perfect for women with fine hair. A textured bob with long side-swept bangs works beautifully in any color or style but exceptionally well in this chestnut brown and salt and pepper balayage version. Adding subtle highlights can transform a simple, modest, blonde, choppy bob into something unique and fresh. These highlights should become increasingly intense near the face and slowly taper off towards the nape of the neck for maximum impact. Choppy bobs can naturally result in textured locks, but for an additional edge, use the Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray to achieve random waves and coils for an edgy yet relaxed style.

Golden Choppy Bob with Side Bangs

Choppy bob haircuts are versatile and straightforward to style. They complement all face shapes and hair types; choppy layered bobs with long feathered layers effectively add volume and texture to thin locks. In front, long strands may even be tucked behind ears to frame the face. Balayage highlights add dimension to any short, choppy bob, mainly if your skin tone is calm. The blending technique accentuates layers for an authentic-looking shine and gives your locks an effortless glow. A blonde choppy bob with side bangs looks beautiful on all face shapes and hair textures, especially chin-length bobs. Add face-framing highlights to enhance facial features and add dimension to your look; this style works particularly well if you like keeping your locks straight and wavy.

Golden Choppy Bob with Back Bangs

This medium-length bob is softened by face-framing hair curtains extending past the ears, providing an undeniably contemporary vibe thanks to trendy yellow-blonde highlights contrasting with the dark brown roots and tips of this lovely cut. Asymmetrical styles are an effective way to add dimension and interest to a choppy bob haircut. Request shorter layers on one side and longer ones on the other for an eye-catching effect. Also, try volumizing products on tease/backcomb before styling for maximum impact! A choppy bob with bangs can instantly elevate any look. Pairing it with layers that frame the face for a casual yet fashionable finish creates a look perfect for work or play, from daytime office meetings to nights out on the town.