Top 5 Above the Shoulder Choppy Hairstyles

Shoulder length choppy hairstyles are highly adaptable and can be styled for any special event or occasion. Wavy choppy layers work beautifully at accentuating natural texture while bangs add an interesting flair when worn together. Choppy haircuts suit most face shapes, although different lengths will work better for certain individuals than others. Consult with your stylist to determine the ideal cut.

Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

To create a feminine, flirty style that suits any face shape, ask your stylist to create this short asymmetrical bob. It features a gorgeous blonde ombre hue with textured ends – with one side teased to form a flirty peek-a-boo fringe while the longer side rests atop your nape. Enhance this trendy look with an added splash of pastel. Aqua hue is stunningly feminine, lending modernity to your style instantly. To soften the sharp edges of choppy layers, pair it with face-framing bangs. These soft side-swept bangs add softness and dimension. Use Bed Head by TIGI’s Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray for an elegant frizz-free finish that will hold in your sharp style all day long.

Side Part Choppy Bob

This choppy bob stands out from the pack by featuring shaggy textures for depth and movement in its cut. Perfect for those who love long bob styles but are not ready for full length haircuts just yet, this cut provides great volume without commitment! For those with thin locks, a side-parted choppy bob can add volume and make your locks appear fuller. Plus, it makes an effective statement about displaying face-framing fringe! A trendy take on the chop is to choose a neck-length choppy bob with a root fade for an eye-catching modern style. This look works particularly well on those with natural dark roots or dyed blonde locks and can even work great when styled with high-contrast highlights. Low maintenance requirements exist but should visit your salon every six weeks in order to maintain shape and texture of this low maintenance style.

Asymmetrical Choppy Layers

An asymmetrical chop can add a distinct touch to any style. Try it on side-swept pixie cuts for an attractive and sweet appearance or experiment with more dramatic cuts that work for women with narrow faces. Add asymmetrical layers to your bob for a structured and mature style while still remaining fun and youthful. Try using curly or wavy versions for even more texture and dimension. This asymmetrical short choppy haircut suits all hair textures and facial structures. It works especially well on those with thicker locks; however, thin or fine locks will still benefit from having one side cut shorter than the other to achieve this look. To create this style, ask your stylist to trim one side of your locks shorter than the other for optimal results.

Two-Tiered Choppy Layers

This style is ideal for wavy or curly locks as it adds volume and texture, creating an easy low maintenance cut that can be managed with appropriate products and texturizing spray. Furthermore, this cut creates a modern shag look and flatters any face shape. Long choppy layers may look messy at times, but they’re an effective way to show off your personal style! A tidy style works well for more structured individuals while an undone style suits more spontaneous and unconventional women. Make this choppy haircut even more stunning by adding striking blonde highlights! Simply use volumizing products on damp hair, apply to it a large round brush, then curling iron to create loose waves before tousling and setting out!

Choppy Layers with Long Bangs

Long choppy layers with wispy bangs create a chic, flirty, and versatile style. Ideal for women with heart-shaped faces and medium-textured locks who want something fashionable that hides the forehead while softening any sharp corners on their chin, this look will keep heads turning in all directions! Women who prefer a bolder hairstyle will benefit from opting for this style, as its boldness flatters any face shape and makes thin hair appear fuller while managing thick locks more efficiently. Choppy layers also help thin hair look fuller while thick locks remain manageable. Messy short choppy layers are an easy and effortless way to sport an effortless coiffure. Take inspiration from Jada Pinkett Smith’s perfectly imperfect bedhead look and emulate it by applying matte pomade to your choppy layers – for an effortlessly stylish yet casual hairdo that makes an impactful statement.