Above Shoulder haircuts For Women


A shoulder length haircut frames the face, and can be a fun way to create a stylish look. If you have thick hair or a large forehead, an above-the-shoulder haircut is ideal. You can add highlights for added style, or choose a curled version for a more playful look. This cut can also be done in a variety of colors, and many celebrities have been photographed with this particular style.

There are many different above shoulder haircuts for women. The shoulder cut can be short or long and can be curled or straight. It is the perfect length for women with round faces or big foreheads. In addition to being beautiful, a shoulder cut can be easy to maintain. A layered or feathered bob will look great on any woman and is a great alternative to multiple layers. Regardless of that type, you can easily achieve this style with a curling iron and a few other products.