How to Style a Cut Hairstyle For Men

Short Haircut with Side Part

A short haircut with a side part is an enduring classic style that can be personalized according to your tastes. For curly locks, ask your stylist to use Ouidad’s cutting technique. Nubia Suarez of Ouidad Master Stylist and Curly Hair Expert reveals this allows curls to be easily formed and adjusted.


Whether you want to demonstrate your barbering talents or keep things short, a hard part undercut is an ideal option. Its tight sidecut will show off your style while being easily styled using various hair products depending on personal preference. This casual undercut works well on any hair color, but blonde locks, in particular, benefit. The subtle shaved pattern on the side gives it an eye-catching edge, while its clean-cut top keeps it feeling modern and chic. It’s essential to balance the hair length on the top with the shorter section below, which may require regular trimming.


The quiff is an iconic style many men look to for a dapper, elegant appearance. This style works best when left long on top and short at the sides, just like soccer star David Beckham. Additionally, this type of quiff looks good when worn with a low-fade haircut. hair can be combed backward with a comb for sleek, slicked-back styling for a polished effect. Alternatively, it can be roughed up with hands for a more natural look. Quiffs work well with most face shapes and can be tailored to match your style, making this an excellent way to quickly switch between casual and formal settings.

Scissor Cut with Brush Up

This stunning scissor cut contrasts volume and texture for an eye-catching masterpiece. The gentleman has his sides cut long with slightly more extended sides than the top for a rich taper effect. An embellishment such as a brushed-up cowlick adds another level of interest. Scissor cutting creates a seamless, blended look, starting short at the bottom and gradually lengthening towards the top. This differs from a fade, which starts quickly before growing progressively into longer lengths.

Two-Tone Hair

Two-tone hair is an elegant way to add drama and vibrancy to any look. It can be achieved with subtle transitional hues or bold contrasted colors. Techniques such as balayage and peekaboo can be used for this effect. If you love pastel colors, this hair color style could be ideal. It pairs beautifully with both curly and wavy locks, providing extra volume. One example is a lady with beautiful long locks cascading gently down to her shoulders, sporting a striking combination of chocolate brown with blonde balayage on the top sections and face-framing areas of her hair. A straight fringe across her forehead adds to the fashionable finish.

Short Texture

Short-texture hairstyles offer a straightforward yet casual option with minimal maintenance requirements. This style typically involves brushing back a side part and can be further accentuated using texture-enhancing products like pomade or clay for an authentic finish. It resembles the high and tight cut but with a more subdued taper fade, creating a refined appearance suitable for casual and formal events. A classic crew cut with a lineup is ideal for anyone seeking an authoritative and professional appearance, commonly known as the Tommy Shelby haircut due to its similarity to Peaky Blinders leader Tommy Shelby’s signature look.