90s Women’s Hairstyles That Still Look Great Today

Toni Braxton’s Pixie Cut and Britney Spears’ Braids

Toni Braxton’s signature pixie cut and Britney Spears’ braids from the 1990s were both classic examples of timeless hairstyles, making for an unforgettable era in hair fashion.

Sleek Back Ponytail with Baby Bangs

If you want a simple way to keep unwanted strands out of your face without breaking up your look with bangs, consider trying a sleek back ponytail with baby bangs as an easy and foolproof solution. Clear elastic will keep this cute style secure. Add a printed scrunchie for an authentic 90s aesthetic!

The Bob

In the 1990s, women embraced natural beauty with elegant, simple hairstyles highlighting natural features. From pixie cuts and bobs to crimped styles and long, voluminous styles – there was something suitable for everyone during that decade!

Rachel Green’s Iconic 90s Hairstyle

Rachel Green’s iconic 90s hairstyle from Friends has made its comeback today! The soft layers framing her face add to its timeless charm, while honey highlights elevate this timeless look.

The Short Flippy Bob

Another classic style making its comeback is the short flippy bob, as seen in actresses like Drew Barrymore. This versatile look can be worn with either side-swept bangs or blunt fringes for added versatility.

The Pigtails

An iconic 90s look is achieved easily with a shoulder-length bob with its ends flipped out at the ends, popularized by Drew Barrymore and her sisters, the Olsen twins. This versatile cut can be dressed up or customized by using colorful hair ties, accessories, or even crimped for texture.

Bubble Pigtails

If you want a chic yet unintentionally retro pigtail look without looking too ’90s, try “bubble pigtails.” All it takes are some clear hair elastics to secure your pigtails in an eye-catching bubble effect around your crown of head – then pull out some face-framing strands to complete your look!

The Top Bun

A classic 1990s hairstyle that remains fashionable today, the Top Bun is an adorable and easy way to add some flair and character to your look. Perfect for women with straight and wavy locks, its feathered bangs give an air of soft femininity. At the same time, its feathery nature frames your face naturally and gives off a perspective of carefree femininity.

The Rachel Cut

To add an edgier look, consider the Rachel Cut from Friends; this short pixie cut features plenty of layers. Famous celebrities with such hairstyles include Winona Ryder and Demi Moore, who both sport them.

The Braids

The 1990s was an iconic era for fashion and hair trends; many ’90s women’s styles still make an impression today! From voluminous teased hairstyles to tightly twisted updos, there was something suitable for everyone in that decade!

The Olsen Sister Bob

To create a more feminine appearance, try out an Olsen sister bob with curved ends for an instant feminine flair. This timeless and chic style makes an excellent statement whether going out or attending formal events.

Butterfly Clips and Accessories

Add butterfly clips for an eye-catching style by attaching a few to your ponytail, fringe, or an accent braid for an eye-catching finish. Plus, these accessories will keep your braid in place!


Cornrows were an iconic 1990s look that can be styled in many different ways. You can wear yours straight, zigzag, or create more complex patterns – the 90s was all about accessories, so remember to accessorize with colorful scrunchies and headbands for maximum retro charm!