90s hairstyles for short hair

Short  is a great length for a pixie cut, a popular style from the 1990s. This ‘do was popular on Halle Berry and Winona Ryder. Whether you’re trying to create a boyish or fierce look, a pixie is the perfect way to go. You can also try scrunchies to create a throwback look.

This 90s style is a popular choice for short hair. It looks like a pixie cut with feathered bangs, but is actually more like a curtain. The style was popularized by Halle Berry and Leonardo DiCaprio. It requires chin-length hair with a side part, and can be a bit tricky to achieve, but it is still possible.

The 90s were famous for their short and messy styles. The spiked style was popular during the decade and was a favorite among boy bands. This style involves twisting that into strands of spikes. You can either go for many thin spikes or a few large spikes. It is very stylish and went well with frosted tips and colored hair. The short version of this style is great for daytime wear.