90s Hairstyles Coming Back

The 1990s was all about big, bold hair with accessories galore. From feathered bangs popularised by Winona Ryder to Demi Moore’s sleek pixie cut style – these fashionable 90s styles have returned in full force. Try Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s signature flipped-out bob, or go for an effortless middle part with face-framing waves for a modern style. Add an incredible claw clip for that throwback vibe to complete the look!

Crimping Irons

Crimped hair has returned, and better-designed hot tools allow users to achieve the classic zigzag crinkle style suitable for all hair types and lengths. Make an impressionful statement with a high, crimped ponytail worn on either side or center (those with rounder faces may wish to position it higher on their head to elongate their face shape), accented with colorful butterfly clips for a lively, eye-catching look. Add daisy flowers to your crimped hairdo for an unexpected touch and complete the 90s look! This style also makes for an excellent festival season style!

Daisy Flowers

The ’90s were all about experimentation with hairstyles – from Rachel’s bob to Halle Berry’s pixie cut and Amandla Stenberg’s side-parted bob; this decade saw many short and medium-length styles returning today. Try crimping your hair with a crimping iron to achieve a retro, trendy texture that stands the test of time. This look works exceptionally well on natural straight or wavy locks and looks particularly stylish when combined with a half-up ponytail. Scrunchies were an iconic 90s fashion statement, but now they’re enjoying a comeback! Wear one as an accent piece with braids or topknots, or use one as part of your ponytail style for maximum impact – scrunchies can even feature patterns or colorful butterfly clips for an added feminine flair!

The Scrunchie

The ’90s were known for being full of laughter, from fashion trends to hairstyles. So it should come as no surprise that some of the top hairstyles from that decade have returned today. Scrunchies can add an air of nostalgia to your look. Style it over a high ponytail for an adorable girl-next-door vibe, or opt for a more relaxed ensemble with a half ponytail and scrunchie for more of an informal appeal. Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington made this trend famous during the early ’90s and Cher from Clueless. Now, this sexy yet feminine look has come back thanks to Instagram influencers and TikTok stars, and it is perfect for both long and short hair styles! A simple but striking style is sure to turn heads!

The Pixie Cut

The 1990s was a decade filled with hairstyle innovations. Rachel from Friends famous pixie cut was quickly adopted by Victoria Beckham for her sleek angled bob, as were bantu knots popularized by Brandy Norwood and flat twists embraced as symbols of cultural pride – giving us many different looks to enjoy and explore during this decade of hairstyling innovation. The layered pixie cut is one of the most iconic 90s hairstyles that’s still making waves today. Whether you opt for a side flip reminiscent of valley girl Cher or the spiked version popularized by Halle Berry, this look will surely grab attention and turn heads.

The Bob

In the 1990s, many celebrities made waves with their unique bob haircuts. Rachel Green from Friends famously donned a layered version, and Victoria Beckham used sleek angles. Today, this timeless trend is back again. If you want to give this ’90s trend an updated feel, add texture with sea salt spray or go for face-framing bangs like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s before accessorizing with a butterfly clip for playful fun! Take notice of the mullet, an iconic style from the 1990s worn by men with shorter side and back locks and longer strands at the front. Famous faces like Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt have made this trend trendy by wearing it with side parts to complete this iconic ’90s hairdo.