80s Womens Hairstyles

Big Hair

Big hair was a fashionable trend during the 80s. It was inspired by Farrah Fawcett’s feathered cut and fringe, and many women experimented with this ultra-glam style. The philosophy behind this look was all about bigger is better, often achieved through perms to add volume. Crimped hair has also made a comeback. Teased and flipped bangs offer an effortless way to accomplish an 80s look without spending hours styling your hair. Adding a brightly colored headband can create an eye-catching throwback look that is easy to maintain.


The blowout look, also known as curtain bangs, was popularized by girls who loved shopping malls, known as “mall rats.” This retro hairstyle involves crimping the entire head or crown section and teasing it to create total volume. Replicating this look is straightforward, making it ideal for adding retro flair to any ensemble.

Bubble Ponytail

Another popular 80s trend was the charming bubble ponytail. To achieve this voluminous style, tie your hair into a low ponytail and secure elastic bands three or four inches apart along your strands. Loosen between each round to create a flip-end effect for playful appeal. Complete this look with an eye-catching headband and plenty of hairspray. Those with short hair should use a thick-bodied spray to maintain this style all day.

Funky Side Ponytail

The 80s was known for its significant volume and massive locks. A funky side ponytail is a simple yet stylish look that works well on most young women. It is excellent for both formal events and casual gatherings. This hairstyle pairs well with baggy pants, T-shirts, and large bangles for extra flair. If you have short hair, try lightly crimping it before pulling it into a half ponytail and teasing out front hair sections to add volume and achieve this classic 80s style. Minimal maintenance is needed for this hairstyle, and fun accessories like eye makeup and funky scrunchies can further enhance your unique sense of style.

Teased Hair

Teased hairstyles were popular among rock stars during the 80s. This trend gives your locks fullness, thickness, and texture, making them perfect for natural waves and curls. Crimping is another 80s hairstyle that makes your strands appear thicker and fuller. It has made a comeback, creating a zig-zag pattern for exotic looks while being efficiently managed. A side braid adds height and drama to this hairstyle, giving your frame more dimension. Complete the 1980s look by accessorizing with a flashy headband. This style is perfect for casual wear or dressed up for special events like formal dance recitals. For added polish, spritz hairspray for a complete and polished finish.

Feathered Hair

Feathered hair was famous in the 80s. Small elastics are placed throughout your locks to create an instant feathery effect, adding volume to thick strands or texture to fine locks to achieve this look. Feathered hair is easy to style for casual daywear and semi-formal events when paired with the right accessories. Farrah Fawcett’s feathered haircut on Charlie’s Angels made her a style icon, and its popularity remains. Adding drama with this cut can enhance your look if you have shoulder-length hair or longer. Feathered hair can also be styled short for a more edgy and youthful appearance. A deep side part, slicked-back locks, and a slight flip on the ends are all you need to rock this versatile and flirty look.