An 80s Women’s Haircut That’s Both Glam and Girly

It was no secret that women of the 80s loved big hair. Many chose to style their locks using scrunchies or other large accessories in their style choices for added oomph. This girly look is easy and perfect for girls with medium to long layered hair. Simply crimping your locks before pinning them in an upward swooped angle like a whale spout ponytail can do the trick!

Sky High Bangs

Dolly Parton made her signature one of the most iconic looks during the 80s: it featured a high ponytail with loose bangs and was popularly worn as part of an everyday ensemble. Easy to achieve and stylish, it makes an excellent choice for women with long strands that can be teased into big puffy feathers for a girly yet girlish appearance.

The big hair trend also extended to women styling their fringes to dizzying heights, requiring much teasing and heavy applications of Aqua-Net hairspray. You could spot it everywhere, from teenage mallgoers to celebrities.

Strong Bob Hairstyles

Vital bob hairstyles from the 1980s are back in fashion. This look features a short bob with shaggy coils in the back, side-swept bangs resembling spikes, and side-swept front bangs with side parts that stand out. A strong bob is an effective way to stand out and make an impressionful statement about oneself.

High Side Ponytail

The ’80s were synonymous with big hair and volume. Crimped and teased locks and side-swept ponytails, were among the most favored styles among women at that time, especially when worn with vivid or daring colors. Today, this girly style is back with a more polished and glamorous twist; curl your locks with a large barreled iron before securing them at their base with either a scrunchie or tie of your desired color for this chic style.

This cute 80s hairstyle is ideal for those with long, thick locks. It combines the low maintenance requirements of a ponytail with the bold curtain bangs associated with that decade. Flip back your ends of hair and secure it all with an eye-catching headband, and you’re ready for an exciting night out!


Try a scrunchie if you want a classic and effortless style that’s easy to maintain. Add embellishments like bows or other bows for even more fun, especially for those with shorter hair, as it gives it volume and texture – perfect when worn with bold eye makeup trends! This style also looks fantastic when combined with bright eye makeup trends!

Curls and hair Wrap

Curls were an integral part of life during the ’80s. From Cher’s iconic aqua net bangs to Lark Voorhies’ Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell sporting an eye-catching crimped look, all kinds of curls were popular then. If you want to take it one step further, tease your front section for a fuller appearance and finish your look with some hairspray for added coverage.

The 1980s were known for their bold fashion trends,, and voluminous hair styles were integral to that. These iconic looks are returning in today’s beauty trends, from blowout bangs to perms. Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hair is an evergreen classic style that remains chic today. Wear this feminine hairdo at formal events or to impress that special someone.

To achieve the classic 80s hairstyle, crimp your entire head using a crimper. Next, tease a small section of front hair for extra volume before sealing in this look with hairspray to retain its importance and complete your style.

Half Updo

This 80s women’s haircut combines layers and hair accessories for an eye-catching yet feminine style, perfect for showing off both sides of their wild side without going overboard.

Big Hair Bows and Soft Spiked Look

Big hair bows were an ’80s trend that became instantly chic, loved by coeds and goody-two-shoes alike. Although spiky hair was famous during the ’80s, its style was more moderate. This soft spiked look was more of an unintentional version of traditional perming that worked on all types of locks – just be sure to use volumizing shampoo and conditioner to avoid looking greasy! It was trendy among blondes.