80s poofy hair

If you want your 80s poofy hair to look like Farrah Fawcett’s, you need to understand the origins of the look. The original 1980s era was defined by big hair and the feathery, poofy style. This style is a throwback to the ’80s, a time when women wanted to look their best. It was a time when women felt empowered and brave, and the OG of the ’80s was the woman with the hair to match her big bold look.

The ’80s were synonymous with big, poofy hair. Prabal Gurung and Debbie Harry popularized the punk-rock look, which had tons of body and soft layers with contrasting roots. These trends continue to evolve, but the basic ingredients remain the same. Use a comb or volumizing spray to add height and lift to your locks, and you’ll have the perfect style for the decade.