30+ The Best Classic And Stylish 80’s Hairstyles

If you’re looking to give your hair a retro look, consider embracing an 80s Hairstyle. Popular hairstyles from the era included mullets, soft twisted bangs, hi-top fades, and big Hair-dos. This decade also gave birth to softer cuts and permanent waves.


Mullets are one of the most distinctive hairstyles of the 80s. Many popular celebrities, including Meryl Streep and Troye Sivan, sported them for a time. However, not everyone was a fan of the mullet. Nevertheless, the mullet is making a comeback this year. It is now gaining popularity among international stars.

The most popular and recognizable version of a mullet is the long straight mullet. This Hairstyle is considered a low-maintenance and flattering style. To achieve this style, you must first trim and style the front section of your hair. The back section can be left undone. You can also use hair wax to create lift and texture. This Hairstyle suits fine and thick hair types.

While the mullet is one of the most iconic men’s Hairstyles from the ’80s, it has recently made a comeback thanks to the cult following among football players and music stars. Its laidback vibe makes it suitable for men who are not too serious and like to have fun.

There are several ways to achieve this hairstyle, including using the right styling products and using the blow dryer to add volume from the roots. However, remember that you shouldn’t backcomb your hair too much, as it can cause damage. Also, don’t forget to use a high-hold styling product and finish your hair with a Hairspray.

The 80s were a great decade for fashion and hairstyles. There are many ’80s hairstyles that are currently popular again. Mullets are a great style for men and women alike, and are also low-maintenance. If you’re looking for a statement haircut, then the mullet could be your style!

High ponytails

A high ponytail is one of the most popular ’80s hairstyles, and it’s a great way to channel that decade’s style. To achieve this look, gather your hair in a high ponytail at the crown of your head and backcomb for added volume. Then, use scrunchies to accessorize the hairstyle. Feathered hair was also popular during the 1980s, and the trend has carried over into the present day. Wispy layers can also be used to mimic this look.

Another popular hairstyle from the 80s was the “whale spout” ponytail. This style was popular among the big pop stars of the 80s, including Madonna and Debbie Gibson. This hairstyle was a worldwide hit, and millions of fans were enamored with the look.

There are many variations of this hairstyle, and it can also be worn in various ways. It is also a good choice for African-American girls. This style can be a bit challenging to pull off, but it looks great and is perfect for many different facial shapes. There are VO5 Instant Volume Powder and a high ponytail that will give your hair volume and style.

A high ponytail is a versatile choice that works for daytime and evening events. This style can add volume to the hair and draw attention to the eyes. The style can be worn with either straight or curly hair. It also works well for a wide variety of faces, including round and oval faces. There is something about bouncy curls in the 80s that makes this style so flattering.

A side ponytail is another classic 80s hairstyle. This style was popular for high school girls and for working girls. These hairstyles are perfect for busy days at work or working out. And since they are so versatile, they are still in fashion today. This style is timeless and will never go out of style.

In the ’80s, color was key. Hairstyles from this decade featured colorful scrunchies in addition to ponytails. The scrunchies were a great way to make ponytails stand out. You could also use hair dye to make your hair even more fun.

Soft twisted bangs

The 80s were all about bold and bouncy hair, so soft twisted bangs were an excellent way to emulate this look. Teenage girls often wore this style in the mall, rattling their bangs up into mounds or peaks, then spraying them with hairspray to keep them in place.

This hairstyle has made a comeback in recent years and is particularly versatile. It looks great on all face shapes, and it’s low maintenance and is the perfect foil for the exaggerated femininity of the ’80s. Moreover, it easily transitions into this fall’s ruffle and off-shoulder trends.

If you want to try an 80s hairstyle without the traditional up-do, you can opt for the half-up-half-down trend. This style is very versatile and can be worn in both short and long hair. It’s an easy style to achieve and doesn’t require much time. You can use a flat iron, a curling iron, or a blowdryer brush to get the desired effect.

Blow-drying your hair after washing will give it a voluminous look. The blow-drying technique is suitable for all kinds of hair textures. It can give your hair an enhanced wave, dramatic curls, or even a straight and sleek look. A blow-dry will also soften your features, giving your hair movement and sophistication.

Soft twisted bangs were popular in the 1980s. They were particularly voluminous and feathered. The era also saw the emergence of punk fashion and gender-bendering hairstyles. The hairstyles of this decade were made to express the individuality of the wearer.

Permed hair

Permed hairstyles became popular during the 1980s, especially among male rock stars, who sported hair adorned with tons of curls and crimps. The trend continued into the 1990s, but with the passage of time, hairstyles became more refined. Nowadays, you can customize your perm to create the exact look you’re looking for. You can change the size, texture, tightness, and curl types to get a unique look. You can also try moving a part or adding more layers to create a different look.

The ’80s hairstyles with permed hair were often bold and daring, as evidenced by Rita Ora’s ’80s look. She wore a ‘do that matched her bold makeup and bouncy perm, making her hairstyle seem particularly hip and edgy. However, modern perms take a softer approach and offer much more customization.

During the ’80s, permed hair was all about volume and hairspray. It was often set into waves and curls with the use of chemicals, but today’s perms are less aggressive. While a perm can add volume and bulk to hair, it can also damage the strands and cause breakage.

Permed hair is a trendy choice for men and women who want to relive the 80s. The era was a golden age for hairstyles, and ’80s hairstyles have made a major comeback. From celebs to soccer moms, you’ll be able to see a variety of 80s hairstyles on the red carpet, on Instagram, and on the street.

Hairstyles From the 1980s

During the 1980s, hairstyles were characterized by long, flowing waves and textured cuts. Popular trends included the mullet and the high mohawk. Feathered layers, puffed-up styles, and flattops were also common during this time. Hairstyles from the 1980s were also characterized by permanent waves and soft, softer cuts.

Feathered layers

Feathered layers are a great way to create volume in a short haircut. They’ll add a bit of texture and shine to your hair, making it look thicker and fuller than it really is. They’re also a great way to frame your face. For example, if you have full cheeks, feathered layers can make you look younger and more defined. You can also try feathering your layers below your chin to create a curlier look.

Throughout the 1980s, many rock stars and goody-two-shoes sported voluminous tresses. This trend made hair look thicker and framed the face, giving you a look that turns heads. Today, you can recreate the look with a shine-enhancing system that helps to create the look.

Feathered layers in 80s hair style looks great on men with thick, coarse, or thin hair. You can get this style in short, medium, or long lengths. However, if you have fine hair, you will need to get a cut with fewer layers. You can also use a round brush to get the feathered look if you have long hair.

Feathered layers are also very easy to style and maintain. They look great in both wavy and straight styles. To make your feathered layers last longer, use a medium barrel curling iron and set it to 45-second curls. Then, you can finger-comb your hair to finish the look. Many celebrities, including Madonna and Debbie Gibson, have worn feathered layers as part of their signature looks. Cynda Lauper, too, has been a fan of this trend.

Feathered layers in 80s hair styles look similar to the feather cut of the 1970s. The feather cut has finely textured layers that mimic the appearance of bird feathers. To get the look, you need to cut your hair in a V shape, with lighter layers at the center of your head and longer layers toward the sides.


Mohawk hairstyles have a long history, and they were very popular during the 1980s. They were popular in gothic and punk culture, and today, they are common on movie and soccer stars. The style is named after the Mohawk tribe, one of many in the Iroquois Federation. Today, it has evolved into different styles, including the Braidhawk and Crohawk.

Today, a mohawk can come in many forms, including spiky and rainbow-colored tresses. They are still popular as a fashion statement and a way to express one’s individuality. Some styles are low-faded or braided. Regardless of your personal preference, there is a style for you.

Whether you want to be cool and hip or sexy and sophisticated, the mohawk can be the perfect fit for your look. It was originally a Native American hairstyle, but was quickly popularized by punk rock stars on MTV. This hairstyle works well for everyone – from the careless teenage girl to the sophisticated businessman.

A high-volume Mohawk is an attractive and unique cut. The hair is more voluminous on the top and taper down towards the nape. It can be styled several ways, but can also be left natural to look more mature. An added trend to this style is a spiral design on the sides of the head. Sideburns also look good with this look.

For a more sophisticated look, a two-toned mohawk is an excellent option. The contrasting colors emphasize the length differences and texture of each side. A side-swept top completes the look and adds to the uniqueness of the cut. Whatever style you choose, it is important to consider your lifestyle and your needs before visiting a hair stylist.

High ponytails

If you’re trying to recreate the look of a high ponytail from the 80s, don’t be afraid to use a high-poppy headband to secure your hair. These headbands are surprisingly stretchy and look pretty. Choose a white headband to add a touch of whimsy. Then, use a shine-enhancing serum to add some dimension to the ends. And don’t forget to add a scrunchie to hold your hair in place.

Another hairstyle from the ’80s that’s still hot today is the side pony. This hairstyle is also a popular choice among celebrities today. Singer Arianna Grande, for example, wears her hair in a side pony. While the ’80s style was a hit in the decade, it’s still a classic, and it’s very easy to recreate. Just make sure to brush out your hair and straighten your bangs. The side pony is best worn when the hair is slightly slicked back. It’s a look that’s suitable for anyone, and is a great way to incorporate a retro look into your everyday hairstyle.

The high ponytail hairstyle from the ’80s was incredibly versatile and worked great for both daytime and special events. This hairstyle had bouncy curls around the face, and worked well with just about any face shape. The best part is that anyone could pull off the style and wear it with a flowing fringe.

Another high ponytail hairstyle from the ’80s was the side ponytail. Popular pop stars like Debbie Gibson and Madonna wore these hairstyles to show that a ponytail was okay. These hairstyles were popular among their millions of fans around the world.

Slicked-back styles

Slicked-back hairstyles from this era tended to have a sexy and macho feel. This style was popular among businessmen in the ’80s and eventually became parody. However, the hairstyle has survived and is still popular today. To get the look, use a glossy spray or gel and a fine comb.

The slick back is a versatile style that can work for any occasion. If you’re not sure how to create the look, you can use a hair wax or brush. These products will add texture to your hair and will also give it a high shine. If you’re going for an ultra-stylish look, you can also use a styling paste to create the spikey look. The paste is great for all types of hair and won’t leave it stiff and brittle.

The 80s hairstyles were also very colorful and bold. Some of the more popular hairstyles of the decade included mullets, voluminous wigs, and long, curly mops. These hairstyles were also influenced by the media and were incredibly voluminous and extreme.

A classic 80s hairstyle that was popular for both men and women is the mullet. This style features a long back and short sides. The hairstyle is easy to recreate and can work for both curly and straight hair. And it doesn’t require a lot of hair products or maintenance!

Short hair with bangs

Bangs were a huge trend in the 80s. The 80s saw women styling bangs to the sky high mark, or the “mall bangs.” The look was all about teasing, Aqua-Net hairspray, and big bangs.

There are countless variations of this look, from angular bobs to crimped styles. The hairstyles of the 80s incorporated both girly and sporty elements. The 80s’ hairstyles were often adorned with floral accessories and braids.

Another hairstyle that embodies the 80s is a high side pony. It was a popular dance and workout style. To achieve this look, the front part of the hair must be shorter than the rest of the hair. The short front part is perfect for swishy upward movements.

This hairstyle also highlights bold volume. It is easy to braid, and is perfect for short curly hair. Rihanna pulls off this look with ease. If you want a more dramatic look, you can use Ouai’s Matte Pomade (available for $24). You can also use Colorwow’s Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray to add shine and slick back your hair.

Another 80s hairstyle with bangs is the half-up half-down hairstyle. It features fringes that give your hair a sharp edge. This hairstyle was a staple of the 80s and is still an iconic look. If you want to be retro and rock this 80s hairstyle, be sure to add a few curls to your tresses.