How to Style 80s hair for Men

Men with Mullets

Men with mullets typically opt for the timeless “business in front, party in back” look. This hairstyle works particularly well when sporting curly locks and will suit most facial structures.

Feathered Hair

Feathered hair wasn’t limited to Farrah Fawcett alone – even men like James Spader embraced its texturized aesthetic with pride. With enough dedication and styling products in your arsenal, you can still wear this style today!

Long Layers with a Fringe

The ’80s were all about volume, and long layers with fringes are an excellent way to give thick strands some body. Popular among rock bands such as Poison, Ratt, and Van Halen, but you can modernize this look as well by adding some length around your temples and framing your face with fringe. Use volumizing mousse such as L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse for even fuller locks!

Bubble Ponytails

Bubble ponytails from the 1980s have seen a comeback since then, originally featuring scrunchies for its creation; today, however, sleek clear elastics offer more refined results and work best when worn half up or down for maximum effect. A popular style among natural and curly strands alike. This hairstyle creates an attractive bubble effect in your locks when worn half up or down for maximum volume and definition.

Medium-Length Layers with a Fringe and Angled Combed Back

Men with curly hair can still evoke that 1980’s look with some simple modifications. Springy curls can frame the face and hide receding hairlines for a professional, clean appearance. If your thick, curly locks require perming techniques more natural than their predecessors from decades past, try opting for medium length shag cuts or bi-level styles.

Quiff Haircuts

Quiff haircuts have become an increasingly popular style. Instead of traditional coiffures, this look features a stylized pompadour shape with punk influences to set itself apart in any crowd. This modernized take gives your haircut its own distinct identity that sets it apart.

Rocker Look with Bandana Accessories

Add a rocker feel with some bandana accessories paired with long hair that has layers swept sideways for an authentic rocker look that echoes Ferris Bueller or the lead singer of Def Leppard. This look works especially well.

Short Layers with a Fringe

Pixie with bangs was a timeless 80s style. This hairdo features your face and neck for maximum exposure while its fringe adds dimension, showing off eye color in an eye-catching fashion. Furthermore, this style requires little upkeep or maintenance!

The Mullet

A popular hairstyle of this era was the mullet, which features short sides and back with longer layers at the top for thick hair, helping control volume while remaining professional-looking. This hairstyle can often be found worn by soccer players, musicians, and other male celebrities who wish to make an eye-catching statement.

Jheri Curls

Jheri curls were an extremely fashionable look among African American men in the 80s. While these tight, defined curls may look outdated today, modern versions can still achieve this look using pomade to create wet-look curls.

Short Faux Hawk

Men with short hair can achieve an eye-catching 80s look by cutting their locks into a faux hawk style. This hairdo consists of long layers on top trimmed to be shorter than its sides and back; when spiked up, it makes an eye-catching statement. To complete the look, try adding a side-swept beard.

Punk Hairstyles

Punk hairstyles were a huge trend during the 80s, with rock stars like Robert Smith from The Cure sporting mohawks and mullets as trendy looks. Recently, however, this trend has made a comeback through more subtle styles like shaggy layered haircuts or modern takes on traditional mullets called faux hawks.

Layered Cut for Thin or Fine Hair

Men with thin or fine hair often opt for the layered cut as it adds volume and texture to their locks, and is easy to maintain through regular shampooing and conditioning sessions.