Design Trends From the 80s Big Hair

The 80s were a decade defined by bold color, big hair styles, and cutting it to your shoulders. It was a decade obsessed not only with volume, neon colors, making a bold statement, and of course, expressing those things with hair. Let’s take a look at some design trends from the decade to see how they evolved, how they’re represented in today’s fashion, and how they made women feel. If you were lucky enough to have that in the 80s, chances are that you had a lot of fun with it. Here’s a look at some of the design trends from the decade that women still love today.

80s Big Hair Extension Ideas

The decade of the 80s was a decade defined by wild and crazy Hair color trends. It was also a decade obsessed with bold colors, volume, making a bold statement, and displaying all of those things with large, bold hair pieces. 80s Model ideas have made a sort of comeback in the past few years, with wigs being a popular choice for those looking for bold hair styles. 80s Model ideas had their roots in Hair color trends, which were vibrant and abundant at the time, and which gave hair the Hair extension, volume, shine, and color it needed to make an impression. If you are interested in hair extension for that style, here are some 80s Model ideas that will definitely spark some interest and creativity in you and your Hair!

80s Big Hair Design

In the early 1970s, straight tailed strands edged out of a ponytail, and the classic “school-girl” style was in full swing. But when the decade of the sixties rolled around, things changed. The classic “school-girl” style was no longer the ideal way to wear your long Hair, as more relaxed and feminine hairstyles emerged. From loose waves to braided twists, it was the hair of the decade – and women across the globe were left with their classic long locks in tow, looking and feeling younger than ever!

80s Big Hair Days – How to Bring Back Those Beautiful Hairstyles!

The 80s produced some of the most funky, edgy styles in style history. From hair color to hair designs, there were tons of unique looks that came out of this decade, and it was all about the color. Here are some of the beautiful hairstyles from the 80s that will bring back some of those good old memories for you:

80s Big Hair Trends – Hairstyles

The 80s were a decade that defined many of our social mores, including fashion, hairstyles, and hair trends. At this point in time, hairstyles included black wigs, ponytails, short hairstyles, and dreadlocks. The decade was also obsessed with volume, brightness, and individual expression, which is why long, glossy black hair was so popular at this time. Additionally, it was a time obsessed with gender-blending styles, such as gender-bender hair deisesgns, punk rock hair, and female designs. It was a time when there were no rules; it was just about having fun!

80s Big Model Ideas

The 80s produced some of the most funky and fun hairstyles to come around since the hippie era. In fact, the decade produced some of the most unique hair styles that have ever been seen. This is because hair color trends during that era tended to be very “edgy,” with many women experimenting with colors in the eyes of the public, thus producing some truly unique looks. Below, you will find some 80s Model ideas for your look of the decade.