Big hair Trends of the 80s

One hallmark of the 1980s was big hair. Girls, boys, and even men sprayed liberally with harmful chemical-laced products to create what is now seen as tacky hairdos.

Voluminous Locks

The 1980s were characterized by bold volume, bright colors, and making a statement with style. From androgynous fashion to punk rock and goth fashion trends, the decade saw big, bold, and provocative hair trends – like the “Big Afro.” Women with naturally curly or wavy locks teased their hair for shape, while those with straight hair blew it out for extra fluffiness. Farrah Fawcett’s high ponytail and the whale spout ponytail were also iconic looks. Consider a half-up/half-down high or bubble ponytail for a less bold option. Add feathered layers for a movie star aesthetic.


The mullet was an iconic 80s hairstyle, short in the front and long in the back. Metal bands, celebrities, and teenagers rocked this style with added bangs for fullness. Achieving this look required lots of hairspray and teasing. The mullet has recently returned with modern variations featuring more layers or softer bangs.

Sky-High Bangs

During the 80s, girls with long hair teased their bangs to create a fuller look. This style was popular among those with mullets, feathered cuts, or perms. Celebrities like Janet Jackson and Christie Brinkley popularized the half ponytail tied at the top of the head, known as the whale spout. Today, Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence still embrace the retro style.

Spiked Bangs

Spiked bangs were another iconic look of the decade, loved by punk rockers and nice-girl types alike. This edgy style looked best with dark makeup. To maintain spiked bangs, strong styling products were necessary.


The 1980s was a decade of extreme self-expression, including with hair. Big, voluminous styles filled with curls, crimps, feathers, and color were in fashion. Celebrities like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper frequently changed their looks. Teasing bangs to high heights was a trendy style during this time. Permanent waves were also famous, epitomizing the bold beauty trends of the 80s that still have an impact today.