The 70s Shag Haircut

In the 1970s, shag hairstyles became trendy among women who desired a casual, relaxed appearance. Brigitte Bardot became one of the fashion icons due to her face-framing bangs and earthy hues.


No matter the length or texture of your hair, the shag cut can help create a trendy yet flattering look. From showing off natural texture to adding volume, the shag haircut offers something for everyone looking to stay fashionable without compromising comfort.

Farrah Fawcett Inspired Shag

Farrah Fawcett would surely approve of this feathery medium-length shag! Inspired by her signature style, this vintage-inspired look adds an air of vintage chic. Add extra vintage flare with a deep side part and volumizing spray.

Bleached Blonde Shag

Bleached blonde is an exquisite way to complement a shag cut. Request face-framing layers from your stylist for an aesthetically pleasing silhouette, or opt for something grungier like deconstructed fringe and waves reminiscent of surf-to-turf waves.

Shag for Thin Hair

One of the most incredible things about shag haircuts is that they suit all hair textures, including thin ones. Ask your stylist to keep the most extended layers short in the back and sides to achieve this look with lean locks. Finally, add long lob-style curtain bangs as an additional layering element for added volume.

Straight Mullet Shag for Thin Hair

Straight mullet shags can also be an excellent choice for anyone with thin hair looking for more androgynous styling. This highly adaptable haircut can be personalized with highlights. Opt for face-framing streaks to soften the look, or unleash your inner punk rock chick with daring colors.

Curly hair Shag

Curly hair makes for the perfect 70s shag haircut! This look features front hair swept into a swoop bang while back hair features short layers reaching shoulders for added volume and dimension. It also makes an excellent choice for heart-shaped faces.

Classic Shag with Statement Highlights

Add an asymmetrical element to your shag to play with proportions and create a striking focal point on your face. Achieve this look through a side part, fringe, or leaving longer locks at the top for a bold, directional style. Add rock and roll flair and texture with sea salt spray or layering mousse.

Classic Shag with Side Part and Curtain Bangs

This classic shag style is another excellent demonstration of how versatile shags can be and their suitability for all kinds of hair textures and styles. This side-parted version with curtain bangs brings back memories from the 1970s!