70s Hairstyles Men Can Rock

Long hair Styles

Men in the 70s often wore long hairstyles ranging from medium length to beyond their shoulders, making the style popular with rock bands such as Def Leppard, Kiss, and Bon Jovi.

Dyed Black Locks

Elvis Presley popularized dyed black locks, inspiring other men to follow suit and wear their dye.

Mullet Style

The mullet style became an increasingly fashionable look with short tops and longer sides during this era.

Feathered Haircut

The feathered haircut was one of the most iconic 70s hairstyles for men. It remains an option that offers classic appeal while adding an update with a modern flair. Achieve this style by spraying texturizing spray onto your locks before blow-drying against its grain direction.

Variety of Styles

The 1970s was an era of rebellion, evident by the vast array of men’s haircuts in style at that time – from asymmetrical cuts to shaggy surfer styles – it honestly had something for everyone!

Short Cuts and Skinhead Styles

Fonzie from Happy Days brought greaser styles back into fashion, as were shorter close-cropped haircuts and skinhead styles. Shorter close-cropped haircuts and skinhead styles were also widely adopted at this time, as were dreadlocks popular among black men thanks to reggae musicians such as Bob Marley. Furthermore, facial hair became more visible, with many men sporting beards and mustaches dyed and bleached for an eye-catching appearance.

Shaggy Haircut

One of the most iconic ’70s hairstyles for men was the shaggy haircut. It featured layers that created an undulated and voluminous style that could be worn in multiple ways to suit personal styles and preferences.

Pompadour Haircut

The 1970s was an era of long, free-flowing locks that could be styled sleek or spiked. For those with short or medium-length locks who didn’t quite have enough length for shag haircuts to form naturally, a feather cut was an easy way to add layers to their style and give their style some dimension. Commonly known as a bog brush or rooster haircut, this men’s hairstyle worked with short or medium-length locks regardless of hair texture.

Short Haircut

One of the easiest ’70s hairstyles for men to rock is a short mullet inspired by Little Richard and featuring its trademark volume. Opt for a quick shag cut that allows your strands to fall freely for a more natural appearance. This style is also an excellent way to showcase curly locks; ensure that layers progress from shorter at the top to longer at the bottom to create that “shaggy” effect. Longer strands can be styled in an updo inspired by the iconic rooster hairdo or teased around the crown to add height. Finish off the look with a beard for more masculinity, or pair your pixie cut with a flower headband for a hippie-esque ’70s aesthetic.