A 70s Bob Haircut With Shaggy Layers

For an effortless 1970s vibe with a modern edge, ask your stylist to cut you a bob with shaggy layers. This longer-than-typical pixie style offers face-framing volume to complete the look. Use balayage color for a graduated lightning effect that stretches your time between salon appointments. This dramatic style works on most hair textures.

Exaggerated Bangs

A bob cut needn’t be dull or traditional – instead, opt for something with more boho flair, such as model Iman’s look here with face-framing bangs and face-framing bangs that frame the face and frame the face more bohemianally. Spikes of chunky blonde highlights will bring extra shine to this bold style! Layering was a staple of 1970s hairdressing, and one popular take on this timeless haircut is to have your stylist create brow-skimming bangs that sit just above your eyebrows for an elegant and soft finish. Additionally, this fringe is especially beneficial to those with fine or thin locks as it adds volume without making individual strands seem too thick. Wear this version of the layered bob with either a sleek ponytail or a more relaxed top knot for any special occasion, as actor Alana Morrison has done here. Pair the look with an eye-catching scarf or bandana for an easygoing vibe.

Shaggy Layers

A bob with shaggy layers may not suit everyone, but it can look striking on some. According to colorist Jeremy Tardo, such a look reminds him of 70s Cher and her immaculate mane. For an updated take on a shaggy bob, ask your stylist for slightly disconnected softened layers – as seen here on Billie Eilish. Her shoulder-length shag features face-framing wispy curtain bangs as a bonus feature! Make an even bolder statement with your bob by accessorizing with a bandana or scarf – something the hippies in the 1970s loved. Donning one adds boho-chic flair while maintaining that stylish bob silhouette we all cherish.

Side-swept Bangs

If you are still deciding whether to commit to a blunt fringe, try adding subtle side-swept bangs for an elegant, feminine ’70s-inspired look that adds dimension and dimension to your face. Your stylist can cut the front portion longer so it grazes over your eyebrows before being styled on either side for you. This look works well on straight, fine hair and can be further enhanced with highlights or balayage for an eye-catching result. For added contrast between its softer front and bolder back layers, ask your stylist to create choppy layers in the back bob for added volume and contrast. Women with thicker hair may opt for shaggy bangs reminiscent of a 70s vibe, which work well on various hair textures and face shapes. This style works exceptionally well to soften angular features on shorter faces, while longer faces may choose soft wispy fringes to frame them. A textured bob with choppy layers looks fantastic on all hair types but can be more easily pulled off by women with straighter locks.

Textured Layers

The shaggy bob is appealing to bohemian women and can easily be achieved with short, uneven layers spread evenly through your hair. From Billie Eilish-esque choppiness to feathery ness with balayage highlights – the shaggy bob will bring texture and dimension to any appearance. This haircut works particularly well on both wavy and curly locks, with its uneven lengths creating a textured appearance to complement different hair textures for an alternative aesthetic that will draw more attention to your face and neckline, opt for a layered bob with bangs if desired. For a more structured approach, try the inverted bob style, which starts longer at the front and gradually shortens towards the back. Ideal for fine and thin locks alike, this cut gives the appearance of thickness while adding volume if your locks are thicker. Style it either blunt or angled layers depending on your taste – pair it with side-swept or parted bangs for an irresistibly feminine finish!