Top Looks for 70s Hair

When we think of 70s hair, Farrah Fawcett’s signature “Charlie’s Angels” style comes to mind immediately; however, this decade witnessed many other stunning types returning today.

Pixie Cut

Pixie haircuts look fantastic on women of any age, but older ladies can significantly benefit from them. Pixie cuts are charmingly feminine yet still manageable Use styling products to achieve this textured, effortless look that shows off your features beautifully.

Choppy pixie cuts are ideal for thin Hair and show off its natural texture beautifully. Ask your stylist to feather and taper it for a fuller, more defined appearance; this style looks particularly stunning in a sandy blonde shade with a hint of brown for neutral light vibes.

Even short pixie cuts can look stylish and seductive when worn with slender bangs that frame your eyes. This delightful and playful cut will stand out in any crowd; its choppy layers and side-swept effect add character and make you stand out among others – certainly making this one of the 70 best pixie hairstyles to try.

Silver hair Color

Silver hair has become more than just for senior citizens: its cool shade looks beautiful on people of every age. The key to creating the most aesthetically pleasing grey shade is finding one that complements your complexion: people with cool skin tones look better with violet techniques. In contrast, warm skin tones look best with blue hues, according to Redken artist and brand ambassador Sean Godard.

To achieve the ideal silver hue, pre-lighten your locks to get a white base before dyeing; for optimal results, it is recommended that you consult with an experienced colorist who understands this trend so they can avoid hair damage during the process.

Once you’ve found the ideal colorist, invest in at-home products to maintain bright and healthy locks. Consider using a color-correcting shampoo that neutralizes brassiness to help your new shade remain pearlescent; rinse in lukewarm water after every wash to prevent dryness. Additionally, schedule regular touch-up appointments with your stylist to avoid root regrowth and ensure you keep your silver hair in tip-top condition.

Short Haircut

Short haircuts can look seductive on women over 70 when designed to flatter and frame the face, such as this stacked bob with shorter layers that play off its chin-length base and longer pieces at the crown and nape that add volume and fullness. It’s an especially great look for those with fine or thinning Hair, as the layers can mask sparse areas of strands.

Avoid dying your hair an opaque hue and opt for an in-between shade that unifies naturally blonde and brown strands for a more accessible upkeep look. That sassy lilac tint as this pixie cut looks elegant against gray locks.

Feathered pixie cuts are ideal for older ladies looking to stay current without looking too old-fashioned. This textured version adds depth and texture, while long side-swept bangs help cover forehead wrinkles for an attractive finish.

Feathered Layers

Feather cuts are an excellent way to add volume and texture to your locks, perfect for any length and length combination! Before committing to this style, it’s wise to speak with your stylist first to determine how much feathering and what shape your layers should take.

Lucy Liu showcases her stunning feathered layers with this chic style! This face-framing style adds an eye-catching flourish to her long silky blonde locks.

Felicity Huffman’s beautiful lob features dramatic feathered ends that showcase her gorgeous face, making this jaw-length bob the ideal style to add volume and fullness to the strands of anyone with heart-shaped, oval, or round faces as well as women with thin locks looking to add more fullness and thickness to their locks. You could pair this style with either side or center parting for added styling options!