6n hair Color With Highlights

If you’re considering lightening up your brown locks without going all-out blonde, try opting for a warm shade with subtle highlights like caramel or honey tones – they go great with most complexions! Also, try this chestnut brown balayage look if your face features peachy undertones. Wavy babylights in a choppy bob are sure to turn heads. This natural style is the ideal combination for effortless yet fashionable looks!

1. Light Brown

Babylight highlights can add dimension and depth without being as noticeable. Babylights add depth without being as dramatic. This beautiful look combines a warm caramel brown shade with subtle golden blonde undertones for an overall sun-kissed appearance. Wavy locks complete this striking ensemble. This light brown with gold shimmer works beautifully for all skin tones, as the balayage technique creates a subtle glow that brightens up any complexion and complements any haircut.

2. Light Blonde

Blonde highlights add brightness and contrast to dark hair colors, lighten your base color, and reduce how often you must dye it. Strawberry blonde is an elegant combination of warm and cool tones that gives an enchanting appearance. Try pairing this hue with ash-blonde lowlights for a modern take on this timeless shade. Ice blonde is a pale shade with cool blue and violet tones for an icy appearance, pairing well with brown lowlights for an eye-catching blonde hue.

3. Dark Blonde

Dark blonde shades have recently become an in-between hue that bridges natural blonde and light brown hues. Ribbons of golden caramel, strawberry blonde, and ashy tones look fantastic, combined with dark-brown strands for an inviting sunny look year-round. Bring color into your brown locks with subtle face-framing highlights from a professional stylist. Have them lighten a small section asymmetrically so you can achieve the trendy money-piece look unexpectedly.

4. Ash Blonde

Coloring your hair is a surefire way to spice up your look and stand out. Lilac highlights or streaks with an ash-blonde base create an extremely feminine and charming style. Pale pink is another soft and pretty shade that complements ash blonde. Its cool undertones create an exciting contrast against darker roots, brightening your face instantly! Add subtle face-framing highlights to dark brown hair with ash blonde for an eye-catching style that stands out.

5. Caramel Blonde

An exciting combination of blonde and brown tones produces an eye-catching caramel hue, ideal for most skin tones. Begin with a dark or medium brown base color before applying a light caramel blonde highlight such as L’Oreal Majirel 9.03 mixed with 30 vol. developer on individual strands throughout mid lengths and ends. Ask your stylist for a more subtle balayage by having them lighten around the face area for a subtle face-framing glow, making this option particularly suitable for brunettes who wish to experiment with highlights without losing their bold brunette character! This approach works great if they want highlights without losing their fierce brunettes!

6. Dark Ash Brown

Ash brown hair is an elegant natural hue that complements many complexions, making it a highly desired shade. A popular option, it is often achieved through bleaching over pre-lightened strands to achieve this desirable hue. Try subtle ash brown balayage for an elegant, low-maintenance style, or go all-out using foilage – a technique of hand-painting lightening products underneath each section of hair – for maximum impact.

7. Light Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown hair is the ideal backdrop to a blunt bob featuring face-framing bangs. Add warm tones by using honey highlights on your chestnut brown locks. If you want a dramatic look, fade from chestnut brown to platinum blonde – this trending dye job looks especially lovely on wavy locks!

8. Light Chestnut Brown with Balayage Highlights

Dark brunettes looking to lighten their looks for fall should consider this gorgeous hue. Beginning with a mahogany-to-cinnamon brown base, lightening and darkening occur thanks to balayage of chestnut, caramel blonde, and honey blonde hues. If you want to upgrade your chestnut hair upgrade your chestnut hair, ask your stylist about trying a gentle variation of the ombre trend. This technique features gradual transitions with natural-looking strands that won’t need frequent touch-ups.

9. Light Chestnut Brown with Babylights

One of our must-have summer colors is this lush tan hue – an ideal blend between the rich brown hues we covet and popular red tones. Ask your colorist to blend this shade seamlessly with your hair’s natural base for an all-over, subtle effect that complements warm undertones in much the same way dark auburn would. Try it with wavy locks for face-framing highlights, or choose an a-line bob for a sophisticated transformation.

10. Light Chestnut Brown with Peek-a-Boo Highlights

Light caramel highlights offer a stunning new take on chestnut brown hair, adding depth and texture. Utilizing the balayage technique, they seamlessly transition between lighter and darker tones. Reach the irresistible bronde look with this balayage-inspired hair color idea. The caramel shade adds an irresistibly seductive quality to a rich chestnut brown hue and pairs beautifully with tanned skin tones.