613 Style

613 style can help you achieve a ladylike and delicate look or a stunning and fantastic appearance. It features a striking balayage color palette with light blonde 613 hair and darker roots, making it a glamorous choice. 613 is also known as baby or snow white hair color, offering an alternative to shade 60. Discover more about this popular hue and how it can help you achieve your desired looks.

Updo with Tendrils

One classic way to wear tendrils is with formal updos, perfect for parties, graduations, and other formal events. Dua Lipa added a modern twist by bleaching her face-framing tendrils, adding depth and dimension to her blonde locks. For a seductive and dramatic updo, incorporate cute curtain bangs using 613 hair colors, as seen on Japanese models. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin predicts hair tendrils will be a significant trend in 2019. She suggests braiding medium-length locks into a small fishtail braid at the crown and leaving out tendrils to frame your face for a charming and romantic look.


Blonde hair is a trending style, and one of the most beloved choices is the 613 bob. The icy blonde color beautifully complements dark skin tones and is sure to turn heads. However, this look requires regular upkeep to keep your strands healthy and vibrant. Before dyeing your hair blonde, it’s important to use sulfate and alcohol-free shampoo, conduct a strand test, and follow a moisturization routine after dyeing. Alternatively, you can try a more natural effect by mixing ice blonde 613 with super dark 1B roots and mid-lengths. This will still make you stand out, but it won’t be as noticeable as a full platinum blonde.


Long and flowing locks are a beauty standard, but it’s only sometimes achievable naturally. If you desire longer hair, extensions or wigs can be an option. With 613 hair, one popular style to try is the mid-length bob. It offers a casual yet sophisticated look with lived-in elements. This bob flatters all skin tones by keeping the roots dark and using light blonde pieces to frame the face. The versatility of this style allows you to easily change its look by adding touches of deep red or pastel colors. Six hundred thirteen hair is the ideal blank canvas for exploring different options.

Bombshell Look

This look may be ideal for you if you want to achieve bombshell status. It features a striking combination of blonde 613 and black 1B hair with darker roots, creating an unforgettable impression at parties or club outings.


Balayage is an advanced highlighting technique that achieves natural-looking lightening, mimicking sun-kissed highlights. Unlike foil highlights, balayage is hand-painted onto each hair strand, creating a gradual transition of color. This technique can be applied to hair of all lengths and textures, allowing you to embrace your waves, coils, curls, or straight surface. Finding a palette that complements your natural hue, such as platinum blonde highlights on dark brown or black locks or mahogany tones for brunettes, is essential. Balayage is an effective alternative to ombre coloring, requiring less time at the salon, resulting in longer appointment intervals. Conduct an allergy test 48 hours in advance to prevent any potential issues.