6-Year-Old Hairstyles

This classic yet fun hairdo allows your little girl to showcase her style. Add a vibrant clip for added flair! Start by creating a central partition using the rat tail comb and combing through to remove tangles. Next, curl broad sections on curling rollers for additional volume and bounce.

Caesar Style

Caesar-style haircuts have long been fashionable since Roman emperors first favored them. Not only is this beautiful cut, but it becomes even more striking when applied to children with curly locks! This haircut involves keeping top hair short and combed forward to achieve the Caesar look, with sides and back closely shaved for maximum impact. For full effect, pair this look with an impressive beard. The Caesar hairstyle can be customized by adding a layered fringe and rough texture, creating an adorable style for kids with curly or wavy locks requiring minimal upkeep or styling. It is also an excellent choice for boys involved in sports or other high-energy activities.

Layered Fringe

Unleash the natural texture of your child’s hair by styling a layered look for them. This lovely haircut is easy to style and suitable for all hair lengths; bangs can add an exciting and youthful edge! A brushed-back hairstyle will keep your kid’s locks out of his eyes while drawing attention to his features. Perfect for all hair textures and fade options. Create a deep-side partition using the rat tail comb. Leave some loose face-framing strands for an eye-catching aesthetic, and secure any remaining hair into a high-side ponytail with decorative hair elastics.

Burst Fade

If your son has curly or thick hair, a burst fade is an excellent way to create an edgy yet intricately detailed style with many face shapes suited for it. Plus, it’s easily manageable using hair gel or wax! Curly-textured mohawks look great when combined with fades that circle around the ears, exposing skin. This style is known as the South of France haircut and made famous by singer Usher Raymond. Cutting this style requires skill from both barbers and clients; regular trimmings must take place toto maintain its shape and messy versions for an edgier style.

Long Messy Top

Some kids prefer longer hair length yet need an accessible style without looking unruly. An Edgar cut can be an excellent solution, since it features short layers around the ears and back while offering movement with texture on top for training and an easy styling option. Light styling paste or pomade adds dimension without adding unnecessary weight to this look. Another variation on this haircut is adding baby bangs that are an inch or two long for an eye-catching and bold look. Not only is this low maintenance, but it also suits all hair textures beautifully! Finish off the look using Hans De Fuko Quicksand Matte Hold Medium Hold for added hold.

Side Part

If your child has curly locks, embrace its texture by pinning back their locks for an unstructured and carefree aesthetic. Pinning it back will keep their tresses out of their eyes while framing their face beautifully. This style is perfect for little ladies with medium to long-length hair and pairs excellently with bangs. Baby bangs add a youthful finish and draw attention to facial features that may otherwise go overlooked. Brushed-back hairstyles for kids are an easy and stylish way to make them look smart and fashionable. Perfect for all hair textures and shapes, brushed-back locks can create contrast when combined with any fade of your choice for maximum effect.

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