5n Hair Color

Finding the Perfect hair Color Shade For Your Complexion and Desired Result

Are You Striving for Perfect hair Color Shade?

Once you know that finding your ideal shade requires finding one suitable to your complexion and desired result, but how can you navigate all those numbers and letters? The number in front of a slash indicates the intensity of color; multiple numbers before a slash indicate more than one tone (for instance RV = red-violet). This system is universally employed among professional haircolor brands.

Cool chestnut brown

Cool chestnut brown will add warmth and depth to olive skin tones with cool eye colors, providing your locks with a rich, rich appearance that complements loose, chunky curls well.

Medium brown with blonde highlights

If you’re planning to dye your hair, try opting for medium brown with blonde highlights. This look will bring out your features and create a soft frame around them; furthermore it works beautifully on long, wavy locks.

Sweet Honey Brown

Sweet Honey Brown is another outstanding medium brown hue, ideal for flattering golden and fair complexions with light eyes. Achieve this tawny shade is easy through an ombre or balayage process or by adding warm milk chocolate highlights for a natural finish.

Light Burdock is a medium brown

This shade of brown is perfect for adding dimension and depth to dark hair, thanks to its warm tones that blend beautifully with light-colored roots. However, for blondes who wish to rock this hue it will require an in-depth colouring treatment in order to increase its intensity.

No ammonia or resorcinol

Permanent hair coloring without ammonia uses an alternative chemical called ethanolamine as the cuticle-opener, replacing ammonia’s corrosive properties with its more pungent smell and higher acidic content. According to Environmental Working Group ratings, it can cause skin irritant effects with ratings between 5-6.


Herbatint offers permanent color solutions that do not contain ammonia or resorcinol, with their nurturing formula featuring keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract for maximum nourishment. In addition, no parabens, phthalates, PPD or sodium lauryl sulfate were found – making Herbatint Leaping Bunny certified and supporting charitable organizations such as American Red Cross through donations made available with each purchase!

Ion’s ammonia-free hair color

Ion’s ammonia-free hair color lifts up to three levels and provides 100% gray coverage, without the use of harmful substances such as resorcinol, ammonia, thioglycolate, PPD or parabens. Incorporating natural ingredients such as grape seed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter as well as pistachio, almond and avocado oils; gluten-free formulation for gentle scalp care – it’s truly gluten-free too.