50s hair and Makeup

The 1950s was an era marked by new cars, feminine decor, and rising beauty standards. Pinup girls like Lucille Ball were iconic models of glamour from this decade, with rosy cheeks and vibrant lips typical of pinup models in those times.

Color pallets were also prevalent at this time, allowing women to select colors to complement their eyes and hair colors. Eyeliners became thicker compared to their predecessors, while rouge usage decreased drastically.

Poodle Cut

In the 1950s, poodle haircuts featured tight coils created through perming, popularized by stars such as Lucille Ball and Peggy Garner. Dancers especially appreciated this hairstyle because it gave them an elegant yet practical style that wouldn’t get in their way during practice or performance.

Corded cuts are another popular poodle hairstyle, in which its curly coat is left untrimmed to form its natural cords. Often seen at dog shows, this requires a specific skill set.

The Cupcake Cut is an uncommon poodle trim that creates the look of a delicious-looking muffin on its head and ears. Although more accessible than achieving the Corded Cut, the Cupcake Cut still requires extensive grooming experience for maximum effect and is often seen among miniature and toy poodles.

Meanwhile, Summer Clip is more functional and keeps poodles cool during warmer weather conditions.


The 50s was an era of feminine decor, dresses, and carefully coiffed hair. Styles such as pompadours, rolled bangs, and soft curls from that decade have transitioned seamlessly into today’s fashion trends.

Achieve this polished look by applying a thick cream foundation with flesh-colored powder as setting powder. For natural eyes, try subtle shadows and tapered brows. Lips were defined using a lip liner extending natural lip color, while lipstick offered shades of pink to complete this polished look.

If you want a bolder look, try the European bouffant or beehive. This iconic style is often associated with Jacqueline Kennedy, and Grace Kelly made this hairdo famous. Mattel featured it on Barbie dolls from 1961-1967! A bouffant is created using full-bodied round shapes that cover or hang down over ears, initially thought to give Marie Antoinette’s thin locks volume!

Bubble Cut

Women were rarely seen without carefully coiffed hairstyles and makeup in the 50s. Two iconic 50s styles that remain fashionable today include pompadours and rolled bangs.

The rare 1961 White Ginger Barbie features a tight bubble cut, wears red lipstick, and sporting darker turquoise eyes. Her pale blonde locks can oxidize over time into darker hues of blonde. Her eyebrows are well-groomed, and her light pink curtain bangs frame her face beautifully.

She comes complete with a black wire stand and her fashion booklet. Reproductions were released both in 1996 and 2009 with Brunette Bubble cuts. The latter version has a copy of the Helenca red swimsuit, original pearl earrings, black clutch, and red open-toe high-heel shoes for easy playing! Helenca makes for an exceptional addition to any vintage doll collection!


No matter the length or texture of your locks, this 1950s style can be customized to fit your personality and taste. A ponytail is an elegant option that looks chic yet feminine and polished. It is best utilized when the hair features natural texture or movement, like waves or curls.

Add drama and sophistication to your ponytail with a flipped look for added drama, or use a scarf for an informal approach.

Nail polish became more accessible during the 1950s and was often seen on celebrities’ nails in bold red shades. Women shaped their nails into oval and almond shapes for a dainty look.

Eyeshadow colors were still recommended based on eye color or outfit. Iridescent shades such as Opal, Sky Blue, and Sea Blue became fashionable, while jewel tones like Sapphire Blue and Amethyst Purple became increasingly common. Bold brows and cat eyes became ever more common during that decade.